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Student Activities

Student Leadership

Student Activities

LEAD Student Activities serves the entire student body by promoting student involvement and coordinating opportunities for students to engage in all student campus events on and off campus.

Annual activities often include:

  • Beach Bash
  • Super Teams
  • Fall Festival
  • Concordia Christmas
  • Homecoming
  • Kindergarten Day
  • Suitcase BINGO
  • Rock the Amp

The LEAD Student Activities coordinators host fun events throughout the year that allow students to be socially integrated into the campus community and develop a sense of belonging, which is critical in enhancing their Concordia experience.

LEAD Student Activities encourages you to get out of your comfort zone, attend their events and begin building relationships with your peers!

Contact Us

Kaylee DeLaMotte, Sarah Ibrahim, Sarah Zimmer

Kaylee DeLaMotte
[email protected]

Sarah Ibrahim
[email protected]

Sarah Zimmer
[email protected]

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