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  • License Agreement Cancellation Request Form
    This form is what a student will fill out once the semester has commenced in order to place a request to cancel their Housing Application/License Agreement. For more information on this process please refer to the Housing Handbook, or contact the Office of Residence Life at (949) 214-3045.
  • Off-Campus Housing Appeal Form
    Concordia University Irvine requires that all full-time undergraduate students who are 21 years of age or younger to live on campus. However, if a student would like to appeal to live off campus, they must submit this form to the Housing Office. This form can be found on If you have any questions, please contact the Office of Residence Life at 949.214.3045.

Meal Plans

Concordia University Irvine requires all residential students to purchase a University meal plan. The Meal Plan Contract is on the last page of the Housing Application & License Agreement. According to University policy, freshman and athlete residents are required to have at least a 14-meal plan. All other residential students are required to have at least a 10-meal plan. If you have any questions regarding this requirement, please visit the Housing Office in Sigma General or call (949)214-3045. If you would like to request a meal plan reduction or elimination, please submit the form available on your eRezlife profile.


  • Housing Handbook
    In addition to the policies and regulations set forth in the Student Code of Conduct, additional policies are set forth in the Housing Handbook. Additionally, there are sections pertaining to on-campus dining, on-campus amenities, and on-campus services that may be of particular interest to our students.
  • Student Code of Conduct
    The Student Code of Conduct is a booklet that includes each student's rights and responsibilities, the disciplinary process, and University policies and procedures. More information about the Office of Student Conduct and the Student Code of Conduct can be found on Concordia University’s Student Conduct webpage.
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