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Orientation FAQs

First-Year Experience

Orientation FAQs

What is New Student Orientation?

New Student Orientation is designed to help new students transition smoothly here at Concordia University, Irvine. Connecting with the student body, learning about the campus culture, and acclimating to a new living situation are all experiences which new freshman and transfer students will have during orientation. With the help of the Peer Advising Leaders (PALs), Resident Assistants (RAs) and other support staff from various departments on campus, the events and activities make a great first impression that will stay with new students throughout their time at Concordia. Concordia offers three orientation events - fall, spring, and summer.

What is Week of Welcome (WOW)?

Week of Welcome is our fall orientation experience for new students and their families. It kicks off on Friday, August 19th and goes through the first week of school. Events during WOW are designed to help new students meet their peers, learn about key campus resources, and prepare new students for their experience at Concordia University Irvine. Parents and families are welcome to attend events on Friday, August 19th and Saturday, August 20th. You can expect to have a lot of fun at events such as, Late Nite, Throwdown, The Hunt Field Day, the Involvement Fair, Beach Bash, SHOUT!, and More!

What is a PAL?

Peer Advising Leaders (PALs) are returning students who are eager to help you transition smoothly to Concordia. They are highly involved in orientation, both fall and spring. They are one of the first peer resources you meet upon your arrival on campus. Feel free to contact them as they will be able to give you the student perspective of CUI and how to navigate it successfully.

Why should I attend New Student Orientation?

Research indicates students who attend orientation transition more positively in college, both academically and socially. To ensure a smooth transition, we encourage you to take advantage of the opportunities and events provided. WOW is mandatory as each has been planned with a specific purpose important for your success here at CUI. New Student Orientation features a myriad of events and activities both fun and informative.

What if I cannot attend New Student Orientation?

You are encouraged to rearrange your vacation dates or work obligations to make attendance at New Student Orientation a priority. Start your year off right at Concordia with the foundation that orientation provides. It is critical for all new students to go through Orientation Check-in as this affects your student status. Please contact the Office of Orientation and First- Year Experience at (949) 214-3065 if you are unable to attend due to legitimate reasons.

Why is there a fee for New Student Orientation?

All new students (freshman, transfers, international) are assessed a one-time mandatory New Student Orientation fee in their first semester of enrollment, in addition to tuition charges and other fees. The mandatory orientation fee covers special services, staffing, meals/refreshments, materials and programs for new students during orientation that are not covered by regular operating funds.

How do I pay my New Student Orientation fee?

Your New Student Orientation fee will be assessed on your student account. You will not be required to pay the fee at orientation.

Can I bring my parents and guests?

Definitely! Parents and guests are welcome to attend orientation. Parents and family play a very important role in helping you transition as well as be successful in your college career. Refer your parents and family to our Parent Welcome page to learn how they can be involved at Concordia. At orientation, we offer Parent sessions that are designed specifically for parents so they are equipped with the necessary knowledge in supporting their students at CUI. Reservations and payments for their meal tickets (if they wish to attend the Family meal(s) & Welcome) need to be indicated when you submit your Registration Form.

If I'm coming from afar, what options do I have for hotels and transportation?

View the Hotel & Travel page to access the nearby hotels available for your parents/guests to stay at as well as directions and transportation options to the Concordia campus. In case you haven't visited our campus before, view the Campus Map to familiarize yourself with where to go upon your arrival.

How do I pay for tuition, check on my financial aid package, and make sure the Wellness Center has all my paperwork?

These three areas (Bursar OfficeFinancial Aid, and the Wellness Center) will be available at Orientation Check-in if needed to clear any holds. They are the clearance portion of your orientation. If you follow the steps to on the admitted student checklist page, you can speed up your check-in process upon arrival.

How do I waive or enroll in the Concordia University, Irvine Student Health Insurance Plan?

Visit the Wellness Center's Health Insurance page for further information on how to waive or enroll in the CUI Student Health Insurance Plan online. Students who have not waived the insurance plan by the deadline will automatically be enrolled in the CUI Student Health Insurance Plan and be billed for it.

What prevents me from completing the Clearance process at Check-in?

Upon your acceptance, you are responsible for completing the necessary paperwork to ensure your status as a student. If you have outstanding paperwork (which results in a Hold) when you arrive for Orientation Check-in, you will be required to meet with those offices that day. Holds that are not taken care of can result in your classes being dropped, prohibiting you from registering for classes, or having to move out of your residence hall. Visit the New Student Checklist to ensure you have completed the necessary items and have a smooth check-in process.

What if I can't get cleared? Can I still attend classes? Can I move into housing?

If you are told by one of the offices at check-in that they are not able to clear you that day, please check with Erin Komin, the Director of Residence Life and Housing. She will assist you in continuing on with the process. 

Where do I get my student ID card?

ID card pictures can be taken in the Campus Safety Office (Admin 103). You will need your ID card to activate your meal plan. It is very important to keep this card for the entire time you attend Concordia as it serves as your library card and meal card. Replacement cards cost $25 if lost. Damaged cards cost $5.

Will I have access to the internet in my residence room?

Yes, all of the residence halls are wireless so students have access to the internet. If you encounter any network problems, you can either stop by the IT Office in Administration Building 220, email [email protected], or call (949) 214-3175.

How do I get my computer access codes?

Your computer access codes will be mailed to you upon your acceptance. These passwords give you access to Blackboard, CUI network, and Web CT. You will also receive your CUI Eagles email address. All communication from the University will be sent to your Eagles email address so it is vital to check it at least once a week. To seek assistance with computer recommendations, you can contact the IT department at (949) 214-3175 or [email protected].

Where do I get my parking decal?

Complete the Parking Permit Form and submit it to the Campus Safety Office (Admin 103) to obtain your parking permit decal. Bring your driver's license and vehicle registration information. This applies only to transfers and commuter students.

If I do not have a vehicle on campus, how am I able to get around?

There are several transportation options available on campus. Click on the link for more details.

What other forms of transportation are there?

Irvine is a very bike-friendly city. For bike paths in Irvine, visit the City of Irvine official website. There are also bus stops very close to campus. For bus information in Irvine, visit the Orange County Transit Authority website.

How do I get a library card?

Your student ID card acts as your library card. You will use your Blackboard computer access code to access your library account and online research databases from off-campus. The library homepage to access the catalog and electronic databases is

Where do I get my mailbox?

Mailboxes are available for students living on-campus. You can go to the mailroom and you will be given your mailbox number and combination. Any questions regarding the mail services at Concordia can be answered in the Mailroom. You do not need people to put your mail box number on your mail for you to receive mail.

Your on-campus mailing address is:

{Your name}
1530 Concordia West
Irvine, CA 92612

How do I find out about my classes and classrooms?

You can check your class schedule online through MyRecords. If you are unable to access MyRecords, please contact the Registrar's Office. You will need to be completely cleared before you can receive a printed schedule.

What if a course is closed?

In order to enroll in a class that is closed, students must attend the first class; request permission to add; obtain the required signatures (academic advisor, instructor or Dean/Department Chair); and submit the form to the Registrar's Office (first floor of Grimm Hall) by the deadline. It is important to complete this process early as instructors reserve the right to refuse late requests.

Can I purchase my books before New Student Orientation?

Yes! You have two options. You can log in to MyRecords and view your class schedule. There will be a "Buy Textbooks" link and a list of the required books for your classes will be shown. You can then proceed to purchase those books online. The other option is to visit the CUI Founders Bookstore and view what books you need for each class and add those to your "cart." After submitting your payment online, you will be able to pick up your books when you arrive for orientation.

Can I make changes to my schedule?

Changes to your schedule can be made by contacting one of the advisors via email at [email protected]. With an academic advisor's approval, you will be able to change your schedule online using Banner Web before classes begin. Once classes have begun, there are certain procedures you will need to complete to make changes to your schedule. Stop by the Academic Advising Office in the Student Success Center to consult with one of the academic advisors.

Important Contact Information

  • Admissions: 949-214-3010
  • Bursar Office: 949-214-3073
  • Campus Safety: 949-214-3000
  • Financial Aid: 949-214-3066
  • First-Year Experience: 949-214- 3065 or [email protected]
  • RES: 949-214-3052
  • IT: 949-214-3175
  • Library: 949-214-3090
  • Registrar: 949-214-3078
  • Student Success (Academic Advising, Career Services, and Disability Access Services): 949-214-3588
  • Wellness Center: 949-214-3102
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