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INT 100: Foundations

Student Life

INT 100: Foundations

Concordia University, Irvine is committed in providing a positive, smooth transition for new students. In addition to providing a new student orientation that offers incoming students the chance to become familiar and connected with their new surroundings, a course is offered to incoming freshmen in their first semester to help boost their experience. As freshmen transition from high school to college, they experience an array of challenges, both positive and negative. Research shows that the first few months of college can present significant challenges for freshmen. Within the first four to six weeks, freshmen determine whether or not they wish to stay, transfer, or drop out. To support our students during this transition, we equip them with necessary strategies and information early in their academic career that will foster their growth and contribute to their investment at Concordia. One of the avenues in which we work with freshmen is through INT 100: Foundations.

INT 100: Foundations is a 2 unit course that is designed to prepare freshmen for participation at Concordia and preparation for lifelong learning. The course allows students to build lasting friendships with other freshmen, strengthen their academic skills, learn about the value of a Christian Liberal Arts education, and connect them with valuable campus resources and professors which are all critical tools in building a foundation to be successful at Concordia. 

Benefits of Foundations

  • Your WOW group (fall semester) becomes your breakout session classmates (small, informal class of 20 students)
  • Your WOW PAL(s) transitions to being a co-facilitator in your breakout class
  • An opportunity to learn from a variety of faculty and staff
  • Learn what Concordia University offers and how to navigate it successfully
  • Receive 2 units that count toward your graduation requirements

What is expected of you in Foundations

  • Attendance and active participation is critical to your learning
  • Having an open mind to learning new information or looking at issues with different perspectives
  • The ability to self-evaluate and reflect
  • Commitment to the course and its value

Comments from past Foundations students

  • "I enjoyed the class discussions. It was helpful to talk about Foundations in smaller groups."
  • "The breakout session was obviously the most enjoyable because of the interaction with peers, instructor, and PAL."
  • "The sessions got people talking about important issues and helped acclimate us socially to the CUI experience."
  • "I really enjoyed the breakouts because they gave us a chance to get to know people and make friends. I also enjoyed the lectures because they were very interesting and useful."
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