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Our Purpose

We encourage the study of America's history, its founding principles and core documents, as well as their development over time, to equip students of all ages to effectively engage in constitutional self-government as informed citizens and participants in the civic life of their communities and the United States.

Recognizing the uniqueness of the American experience in democratic self-government and that it remains a work in progress, the Center aggressively promotes the knowledge and skill necessary for all citizens to effectively exercise their rights and responsibilities to assure the preservation of individual liberties and the common good of the general community.

As a net-working non-profit organization, we partner with organizations and institutions sharing our mission as well as developing our own programs and projects to promote opportunities for learning and civic engagement, as well as participating in difficult but civil conversations.


Communities of wise, honorable, and cultivated citizens and servant leaders engaged in civic life based on constitutional principles of individual liberty, the common good, civility, and representative government.


To strengthen the capacity of students and citizens to effectively participate in constitutional self-government.

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