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Congressional Representatives Visit Campus -
  • Congressional Representatives Visit Campus


Welcome to the Center for Civics Education at Concordia University Irvine. The Center’s mission is to train and develop citizens and leaders to effectively engage in public policy decision-making through seminars, workshops, dialogues, debates, internship programs and collaboration with business, civic, philanthropic, government, political, ethnic and religious organizations and institutions.

The Center focuses specifically on developing wise, honorable and cultivated citizens and servant leaders for active participation in the public arena based on principles of civility, individual liberty and responsibility, the common good and representative government.

The Center is non-partisan and welcomes discussions and debates based on the principles underlying “marketplace of ideas,” including civility, mutual respect and informed participation.


The Center serves both students and the greater community by providing programs and activities designed to inform, inspire, enlighten and engage its participants in the structure and processes of American government, the essential elements of citizenship and effective involvement in the public-policy process. Center events include:


Dr. Jo Ellen Chatham

Dr. Jo Ellen Chatham
Director, Center for Civics Education
[email protected]

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