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Belief & Application

What We Believe...

At Concordia University, we believe that the Bible is the inspired, inerrant Word of God, and we subscribe to the 3 Ecumenical Creeds (Apostle's, Nicene, and Athanasian), as well as the Lutheran Confessions as accurate statements regarding the truth of God's Word.

We believe in the one true God, who has revealed Himself as Father, Son, and Spirit. We believe that humankind, created perfectly, went against God's will and brought sin into the world. Since then, all people have inherited that sin and are born sinful. We believe that people cannot save themselves by their good works. We believe that in order to save us, God sent His Son into the world. Jesus is both true God and true man. He lived to fulfill God's Law for us, died on the cross to pay the penalty that our sins deserved, and rose from the dead so that we might have eternal life. He ascended into heaven, and will come again to take all believers to Himself. We believe that because of Jesus' death, God declares a person righteous and forgiven.

All those who believe in Jesus as Savior will be saved. We believe that this faith in Jesus is a gift of God, given by the power of the Holy Spirit.

We believe that God uses His Word and the Sacraments of Baptism and the Lord's Supper to apply His grace and forgiveness to us. Our worship, therefore, centers around these things.

What We Believe and Confess

How It's Applied...

We believe, teach, and confess historic, biblical Christianity, applying it in a modern world. That biblical faith was believed and proclaimed in the early church. It was confessed and articulated by the faithful at the time of the reformation. It remains an ongoing, vital confession today.

This faith is proclaimed and lived at Concordia University. Full time faculty share this confession and have declared their agreement with it. Our staff and adjunct faculty promise that their work will be done in a manner that is consistent with this faith. Staff and students come from a variety of theological traditions. They may share in this confession or continue in their own profession of faith as we live and work together.

In our interactions with students and colleagues, we seek to apply this biblical faith along with our academic and professional disciplines. In a variety of ways, our campus community encounters God's Word (for example, in chapel, Bible studies, personal interactions, and in the ministry of the campus pastor). We believe that the Holy Spirit works through the Gospel to transform the hearts and lives of all who hear and believe its message.

We believe that God calls His redeemed children to lives of love and service towards others. We maintain that as we use our gifts and abilities in all aspects of our lives, that we fulfill His call for us to be the light of the world.

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