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Student Financial Agreement and Acknowledgement

Financial Obligation: I understand tuition and fees are due and payable by the financial registration deadline each semester, and I am solely liable for payment of all student account charges, regardless of financial aid, company reimbursement, or other aid to which I may be entitled. If I change my educational plans, I will take the appropriate steps to adjust my schedule or withdraw from the University. I further understand that in the event I withdraw from a course after the refund period, my financial aid award may be reduced or reversed based on federal regulations. I also understand non-attendance or non-payment for a class will NOT relieve my financial responsibility.

University Regulations: I understand official communication from the University is transmitted via Concordia University Irvine (CIU) email, and I am charged with knowledge of the information transmitted by the University to my CUI email. I agree to regularly logon to MyRecords to review my student account information. I further acknowledge it is my responsibility to be aware of and comply with University policies and procedures including the Financial Obligation Agreement and the policies for refunds of tuition, fees, room, and board charges. I am aware that University policies and procedures may change from time to time.

Financial Clearance/Holds: I understand I am obligated to complete payment arrangements through an approved payment option to cover all tuition and fees each semester by the financial tuition and fees deadline published at under Tuition Due Dates. Failure to receive financial clearance from the Office of The Bursar will result in a late fee assessment and possible enrollment cancellation. I further understand that failure to make payments on any indebtedness to the University on the published deadline is considered sufficient cause, until the debt is paid in full with verified funds, to: 1) prevent enrollment, and 2) withhold diploma.

Delinquent Accounts: I understand that if I fail to pay my tuition and fees through an approved payment option, and the balance is not paid in full by the last day of the semester, my account will be considered delinquent. I also understand that if my account remains delinquent, my account is subject to placement with a third party collection agency. I further understand that if my account is placed with a third party collection agency, a collection cost will be added to the past due balance and a negative marks may go on my credit report. In the event my account is placed with a third party collection agency, I hereby waive my right to notice of such default, as well as any right to any statute of limitations. I authorize Concordia University Irvine and its agents, representatives, attorneys and contractors (including collection agencies) to contact me through my mobile phone, home phone and email, including by way of text and automated message calls, for purposes of collecting any portion of my student account balance. I further agree that in the event I change my name or address I shall notify Concordia University Irvine of such change within thirty (30) days.

Acknowledgment: I have read and agree to the above information and to all Concordia University Irvine policies and procedures as outlined in the University Catalog and Course Schedules. I also hereby acknowledge that any scanned, emailed and/or facsimile transmittal of this Financial Obligation Agreement form shall constitute as an “original” document.

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