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At Concordia University, we provide you with small classes and personalized attention from instructors who work with you to develop your knowledge and skill as a creative writer.

Minors in Creative Writing take courses which introduce them to literary tools needed for writing poetry, fiction, creative non-fiction, and screenplays. The culmination of these courses and workshops is an advanced creative writing capstone course, in which students compose and revise a collection of poetry, fiction and nonfiction.

The Creative Writing program is part of the English Department, which gives you full access to the literary expertise of Concordia’s faculty. In addition, faculty members teaching creative writing are dedicated teachers and working artists who hold M.F.A. degrees in Creative Writing.

Another minor option is the English Minor.

  • Creative Writing Minor
  • 18 Units
  • WRT 323: Introduction to Genre and Craft in Creative Writing
  • 3

As a multi-genre introduction to the craft of creative writing, this course will examine literary conventions as well as the writing techniques and tools essential to effective writing and editing. Prerequisite: WRT 102 or WRT 201 or equivalent.

  • WRT 427: Advanced Creative Writing
  • 3

This capstone course will provide students with an opportunity to write more intensively and extensively through the creation of new work and revising previously written work in a workshop setting. Prerequisites: Junior or Senior standing; WRT 102 or WRT 201 or equivalent; WRT 323, WRT 327 or WRT 328, and WRT 329. Offered alternate years.

  • Choose two of the following courses:
  • WRT 327: Creative Writing: Fiction
  • 3

This course will involve a sustained exploration of the creative process in writing fiction as students complete several short stories, perform close analysis of published works, and participate in writing workshops. Prerequisite: WRT 102 or WRT 201 or equivalent; WRT 323. Offered alternate years.

  • WRT 328: Creative Writing: Poetry
  • 3

This course is designed to sharpen students' awareness of and skill in using the elements of poetry. Students will complete a number of original poems in a variety of traditional and contemporary forms and styles. This class will discuss their own creative work and a wide variety of anthologized poetry in a workshop setting. Prerequisite: WRT 102 or WRT 201 or equivalent; WRT 323. Offered alternate years.

  • WRT 329: Creative Nonfiction
  • 3

An examination and discussion of the art and craft of contemporary nonfiction, practice in a variety of genres. Course includes market analysis techniques and the submission of work for publication. Prerequisite: WRT 102 or WRT 201 or equivalent; WRT 323. Offered alternate years.

  • Choose one of the following courses:
  • WRT 324: Writing for Children and Teenagers
  • 3

As an introductory course to the art and craft of writing for young audiences, students will read, analyze and write both fiction and nonfiction pieces. The course includes market analysis techniques and the submission of work for publication. Prerequisite: WRT 102or WRT 201 or equivalent.

  • WRT 333: Topics in Creative Writing
  • 3

As a focused exploration of genre and subject matter in a workshop setting. Possible topics include nature writing, travel writing, and experimental writing. Course may be repeated for elective credit. Prerequisite: WRT 102 or WRT 201 or equivalent; CENG 201 or CENG 301 or equivalent.

  • Choose one of the following courses:
  • ENG 342: American Literature II
  • 3

This course will survey American literature from 1850 to 1945 emphasizing the literary movements of Realism, Naturalism, and the roots of modern American literature. Prerequisite: ENG 201 or CENG 201 or CENG 301.

  • ENG 383: Modern and Contemporary Poetry
  • 3

This course will survey 20th and 21st century poetry, poets, and literary movements. Prerequisite: ENG 201 or CENG 201 or CENG 202. Offered alternate years.

  • ENG 385: Modern and Contemporary Novel
  • 3

This advanced survey course that will look at the development of literary modernism as represented in major European and American novels including such novelists as Proust, Joyce, Woolf, Faulkner, and Ellison. Prerequisite: ENG 201 or CENG 201 or CENG 301. Offered alternate years.

  • ENG 387: Modern and Contemporary Drama
  • 3

In this course students will read, critically analyze, discuss, and evaluate selected plays from 1890 through the 21st century, including such dramatists as Ibsen, O'Neill, Pirandello, Lorca, Miller, Williams, and Albee. Attending a performance may be required. Prerequisite: ENG 201 or CENG 201 or CENG 301. Offered alternate years.

Current students, please note: The requirements listed here may not reflect the most current courses for this major and may not be the requirements for the catalog year you are following to complete your major. Please refer to the Academic Catalog for official requirements you must meet to qualify for a degree.

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