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Innovation and Creativity

August 10, 2016 - 2 minute read

Soccer had been a part of Jeff Clark’s life since he was a child, and was a huge factor in deciding which college to attend after graduation. “I was an outdoor junky. I had been playing soccer for as long as I could remember,” said Clark. “It was 100% the most important aspect of my life and I dedicated many hours to perfecting a game I was extremely passionate about.” Due to this driving fervor for the game and complete support from his family to choose where he felt he would be happiest, he decided to accept Concordia’s scholarship offer to play for the Eagles.

Soccer, however, was not Clark’s only interest. He also enjoyed drawing and designing, which led him to major in Graphic Design. “After graduation, I began to explore website development and knew it was the path for me,” said Clark. “I enjoyed problem-solving and the never-ending potential for innovation and creativity.”

After graduation, I began to explore website development and knew it was the path for me."

Clark spent years working at various digital marketing agencies as well as in freelance website development. But then he had an idea: “I realized joining forces with my long time friend and roommate at CUI, Brad Smith, made a lot of sense,” said Clark. Their bond had only strengthened as they navigated through college together as roommates as well as teammates on the soccer team. He went on to explain, “Merging my design and development skills with Brad’s knowledge of business and marketing [meant] we could offer a product that not only looked great, but also worked to achieve business goals.” From there, the idea for Codeless Interactive was born.

Codeless Interactive has been up and running for over two years now. The agency combines both design and development through marketing strategy. When tackling a new project, the process begins with discussing and establishing their business goals for the unique client. From there, the visual framework and structural design of the website is developed. After the planning process, Clark and Smith design and build the website, while also working to enhance consumer interest for the client’s product.

It's a never-ending battle to find the balance of creativity and functionality."

The agency works with many types of clients, including those in the field of hospitality, technology, and business-to-business commerce. “The biggest challenge in my field is the fact that design is so subjective. Something that is interesting to me might not be interesting to someone else,” said Clark. “It’s a never-ending battle to find the balance of creativity and functionality.” Codeless Interactive’s main objective is to not only give guidance to businesses on how to attract customers, but to be a helping hand throughout the website development process. They hope to continue to grow as a business that generates creativity in an effective manner.

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