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Madison Haase '19: Seeing Christ’s Light Shine Through Others

September 17, 2019 - 4 minute read

Madison Haase

What led you to Concordia University Irvine?

I did not think that I would come to Concordia University Irvine when I first started applying to colleges. I decided to come to Concordia University Irvine as soon as I stepped onto campus. I came down to visit for a day and once I met some of the professors and the students I knew that this was where I needed to be. Everyone was so welcoming and they were able to show me how much of community Concordia University Irvine is just through my visit. 

What influenced the choice of your major?

When I was in high school, the DCE (Director of Christian Education) that was at my home church really spoke into my life and showed me how much she cared for me. I was then able to help on a leadership team and eventually helped a lot with the middle school students. Through this I was able to see God's calling on my life and how much I really enjoyed talking to kids about Jesus and that I could do this as a career. 

Which faculty or staff member do you most admire?

There are so many faculty and staff that I admire and who have spoken into my life during my time at Concordia. There is no way that I could pick one that I admire the most. 

Where have you experienced growth as a student?

I have experienced so much growth in my classes and being pushed to think outside of what I had thought before. Through different discussions in class and especially times that I could have one-on-one conversations with different professors I was able to see a lot of growth in myself as a student. I also experienced a lot of growth through my different on-campus jobs. Through ASCUI and LEAD-Student Activities, I saw the most growth in my personal development and how I work with others. It also showed me how to communicate better and grow into someone who can help lead other people. Through these different student leadership opportunities, I have gained so much knowledge that has and will help me in my future jobs. Finally, I gained the most experience in myself through the Around-the-World Semester®. This semester pushed me in my academics but also how I viewed the world around me and how I can be a better person to everyone around me. It showed me how to shine Christ's light always. ATW allowed me to see outside of myself and really grow as a person. 

What sticks with you from Enduring Questions & Ideas?

What sticks with me from Enduring Questions and Ideas is the idea that everything is connected and can be shown in different ways. I really enjoyed the idea of Math being in everything that we see and how it can be viewed in nature. The idea and questions of, "What is true, beautiful, and good?" really made me think of these ideas in a new light and really pushed me to think of it outside of a simple answer. I also got to see how much history and literature are intertwined. This was something that I still find so important as I study the Bible and also continue to read. It is so important to know the context in which you are reading. 

What are you enjoying most about your DCE internship?

One thing that I enjoy about my internship through the DCE program is getting to know people and meet them where they are at. I get an opportunity to talk about Jesus and pray for people in the places that they are and that is such an amazing opportunity. I also love getting to know people and connecting with them. 

What would be your ideal job?

My ideal job is wherever God calls me at that moment. I have loved DCE ministry so far and cannot wait to see what God has in store for me here.

Describe your most meaningful ministry or outreach experience to date. 

My most meaningful ministry experience to date would be either the time that I have been able to work at a summer camp or the time that I was on ATW. Through both of these experiences, I was able to see how Christ was shining through all of the people around me and to be able to see His light. During these times in my life, I was able to walk alongside others and they could help speak into my life. I would not be the same person today without being on the Around-the-World Semester® or if I had not worked at a summer camp. 

What is one thing you have most valued about your time at Concordia University Irvine?

One thing I have valued most about my time at Concordia University Irvine is the time that I was able to spend time with faculty and staff and also the time I could worship with my friends. When I was having a hard time with a concept or if I need advice I could always go to the faculty and staff. They are some of the most genuine and Christ-like people that I have had the opportunity to get to know. Through these conversations, I have become a better student but also a better person all around. This is also true for the times that I was able to worship with my friends through chapels, shout, source or off-campus beach worships. It was a time we could come together and have fun but also really see God at work through one another. 

What is your favorite Concordia tradition?

My favorite Concordia tradition would have to be Concordia Christmas. I love that the community is able to come and spend time together along with the students. I also love Night of Hope, which I am really excited is coming back. Another one of my favorite Concordia traditions is Beach Bash. It is such a great time that we as students can have fun, worship and welcome all the new people to Concordia. 

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