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Director of Christian Education (DCE): Brian Ho ’24

October 18, 2023 - 2 minute read

Brian Ho

Director of Christian Education (DCE)
Brian Ho ’24
Major: Theological Studies: Christian Education Leadership

I first heard about Concordia at my home church, Lutheran Church of the Holy Spirit in San Francisco. My DCE is an alumnus, and the Christ-like love I received from him inspired me to go into full-time ministry. I also learned from church volunteers who attended Concordia before me and shared about their studies and future vocations. I began volunteering at my church in high school where I participated in worship, learned to be comfortable in front of a crowd, led summer camps, and served in a church community.

Concordia has broadened my perspective of life, preparing me to connect with people outside of my background whom I will be serving one day.

I am seeing firsthand how God has made each of us differently, and how as a minister of the Gospel, I am called to reach people where they are, recognizing how each of us is uniquely made. Concordia’s close community helped me easily meet new people and build incredible friendships.


Just go! I remember feeling led my junior year of high school to become a DCE, but I felt unequipped because I was not gifted in speaking and lacked faith that I could afford college. My lack of faith almost prevented me from going to Concordia. Thankfully I was encouraged to apply and God provided the tuition!


I am a self-taught musician! I can play the cajon, guitar, piano, and drums.


Being around a lot of strong Christians. I have always had an “older brother” to spiritually mentor me.


  • Peer Advising Leader
  • Battalion Bible Study co-leader
  • Abbey West, Missions & Service Coordinator

Director of Christian Education (DCE)

A Director of Christian Education (DCE) is a called and commissioned lifespan educational leader prepared for team ministry. A DCE plans, administers and assesses ministry that nurtures and equips people in the Body of Christ for spiritual maturity, service and witness in home, job, congregation, community and the world. Concordia University Irvine’s Director of Christian Education Program equips leaders for ministry who are passionate about the Gospel, God’s people, and their calling.

Questions? Contact Prof. Rebecca Duport at [email protected], 949.214.3621. Or visit us online.

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