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Concordia Nursing Student Association (CNSA) Fall 2022

Concordia nursing student association board Spring 2022

The Concordia Nursing Student Association (CNSA) is a student-led service group. The current CNSA Board Members, Committee Chairs & Members, Class Representatives, & Chaplains are working hard to keep the CUI ABSN students involved and engaged throughout their time in the ABSN program.

CNSA Fall 2022 Leaders


Jessica Griffin (cohort 28)

Vice President

Lisa Warfe (cohort 28)


Lynn Phan (cohort 28)


Kelly Hrubeniuk (cohort 28)


  • Mynor Lopez and Rigat Weber (cohort 28)

  • Susie Park (cohort 29)

  • Justin Hinterleitner, Paige Pinder, and Arianna Zamora (cohort 30)


  • Emily Goins and Jacqueline Vollucci (cohort 28)

  • Samantha Denno and Noah Acosta (cohort 30)

Image of Nursing

  • Claire Regenstreif and Vanessa Min (cohort 28)

  • Theo Kim and Nicole Do (cohort 30)


  • Kendall Wright and Joanne Lee (cohort 28)

  • Kylynn Vedovitch and Jina Song (cohort 30)


  • Hannah Lee (cohort 28)

  • Christy Taminich (cohort 29)

  • Katelyn Evaro & Joyce Lee (cohort 30)

Class Representatives

  • Natalie Urrea Kiefer, and Ari Rosay (cohort 28)

  • Cody Eyres (cohort 29)

  • Matt Carungay and Josie Vaage (cohort 30)

Stay up to date with CNSA on BlackBoard under the Nursing Program Resource Program, then click CNSA.

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