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The capstone course is taken during your final semester of the Master of Healthcare Administration program. You can choose to complete this project with a Program-Sourced Capstone Partner, Self-Sourced Capstone Partner, or an Employer Capstone Partner.

Program-Sourced Capstone Partners

Through relationships in the community, the MHA program identifies and coordinates capstone project opportunities with various organizations. In some cases, multiple students will be working on the same capstone project (depending on organizational requirements). For program-sourced partnerships, students are expected to interview for the opportunities. Not all program-sourced partnerships are guaranteed.

Self-Sourced Capstone Partners

Students are encouraged to explore capstone opportunities that fit their preferences and career goals. If the student needs assistance approaching outside organizations of interest, and there is no existing relationship with the MHA program, the program director and faculty may be able to assist.

Employer Capstone Partners

Students are encouraged to explore opportunities for capstone projects that fit their preferences and career goals. If the student works at a healthcare facility and his/her employer is willing to offer an opportunity for the capstone project then this can be considered. It should be made clear that this capstone project will not conflict with the student’s current duties.

The capstone project and accompanying research paper serve as the culminating assessment in the MHA program. Examples of capstone projects:

  • Create a marketing campaign for a healthcare facility
  • Work with management to revise existing policies and procedures and maximize operational efficiency
  • Plan and manage a fundraiser for a healthcare facility
  • Prepare and lead a new social media marketing campaign
  • Establish an international relations program for foreign physicians working at the facility
  • Develop a leadership training program for healthcare administrators
  • Establish a disaster drill procedure and program
  • Pilot a new system for a healthcare facility such as the EHR
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