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Disability Access Services is moving to a new accommodation software that will better serve the needs of our students and community. This is exciting news; however, it means that the current system is going offline while the new system comes online. DAS will be unable to accept accommodation requests until July 1. Feel free to reach out to DAS directly with any questions you have: [email protected]

Temporary Accommodations

During your time at Concordia University Irvine, you may experience a temporary medical condition, such as an injury, surgery, or illness. Typically, these do not qualify students for ADA accommodations since they are not permanent disabilities; however, DAS recognizes that temporary medical conditions still impact a student’s learning experience, and we are here to support you.

If your temporary medical condition will impact your academics for longer than a week, please complete the Temporary Accommodation Request form and schedule an appointment with DAS to talk about options and documentation.

Strategies for Navigating Temporary Medical Conditions

Communicating to Professors

It’s always best to clearly and promptly communicate your circumstances to your professors. You may also want to reach out to your academic advisor for advice on communicating with professors. Be sure to obtain items missed during this time.


If you have documentation of your temporary medical condition, DAS can email professors to request that you receive flexibility for attendance and assignment due dates for a week. Talk with your instructors immediately to reach an agreement regarding classes and assignments you are going to miss or have already missed. This includes making up missed exams and quizzes and time extensions on assignments. There may be other sections of the same class that you can attend in lieu of the one in which you are registered.

You may need to withdraw from some courses if your condition persists beyond a week or two. Talk with your academic advisor about the financial implications of dropping courses.


If your temporary medical condition results in missing tests or you need extra time to complete a test, talk with your professor about receiving extra time. If the professor is unable to proctor a rescheduled test or test with extended time, reach out to DAS to request proctoring services. Generally, DAS can proctor exams as long as there is a few days’ notice.


Having a temporary health condition can be stressful. Make sure you are reaching out to all the right resources to help you through this:

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