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The Assessment and Care Committee includes these core members:

  1. ACC Chair/ Director of Student Conduct
  2. Vice President for Student Affairs/ Dean of Students
  3. Associate Dean of Student Wellness
  4. Associate Dean of Student Development
  5. Lead Campus Pastor
  6. Director of Campus Safety
  7. Head Athletic Trainer
  8. Director of Residential Education & Housing Services
  9. CAPS Clinical Supervisor
  10. Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion & Success Coaching
  11. Director of Disability Access Services
  12. Assistant Director of Orientation and Student Activities

What we do:

This committee meets weekly to review student concerns reported to ACC from the campus community to identify potential risk and assess if there are any safety concerns to the student or to the larger Concordia University Irvine community, as well as develop and implement a response. The overall goal is to develop interventions that are designated to mitigate the risk over time and keep the individuals within this community safe and on track to his/her end goal of graduating.

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