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Student Life & Activities

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What does Student Life encompass?

Student Life is the term used to describe the life of the student outside the classroom. Although academics are important, Student Affairs believes that what happens outside of class is equally important. This is where the student builds relationships with peers, where he/she learns to live on his/her own without the direct supervision of mom or dad, and where he/she develops leadership skills. Student Life encompasses Residential Education & Services, Student Programming (LEAD), Student Government (ASCUI), and First-Year Experience.

What is Weekend Programming?

Weekend Programs are events planned specifically on the weekend to target those students who may not have the opportunity to go off-campus on their own. These programs give students the opportunity to participate in various off-campus and community outings. They promote cultural experiences, the learning of practical skills, and foster social interactions among students. Weekend Programming aims to target the wellness of the whole student. For example, some events target the physical wellness of the student, some target spiritual wellness, some are geared toward a student's intellectual well-being, and some toward their social well-being. Such activities include visiting the Museum of Tolerance, The Korean Cultural Center, attending a Mighty Ducks and Anaheim Angels game, Singles Night Out (dinner and a movie), apple picking, going to see the Broadway musical Lion King, and providing shuttles to local entertainment complexes like The Block at Orange or The Irvine Spectrum.

How can my student get involved?

Studies have shown that extracurricular involvement in addition to academics enhances the student's college experience and development. The more the student is involved in their college experience the more they will get out of it. Studies have also shown that the more students are involved, the more satisfied they are with their college experience, which in turn positively affects student retention. Involvement in some activity or student group on campus is highly encouraged. There are many different ways to get involved. From attending a student activity to joining a club or organization to actively participating in the student government, getting involved is very easy. There is such a variety of ways to participate in student life that your student is guaranteed to find something that piques his/her interest.

Who can I contact if I have other questions?

If you have other questions or would like more information, please contact the Director of Community Involvement and Leadership Development.

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