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Bachelor of Arts in Leadership Studies

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Launching Fall 2019

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The Townsend Institute's online Leadership Studies degree equips students with a deep understanding of interpersonal communication and managerial skills, along with tools for critical thinking and problem solving with Competence and Character. This new undergraduate program from the Townsend Institute is ideal for students with a gift for guiding others and inspiring excellence within any business, non-profit, or government agency.

  • Fully online. You can earn your bachelor’s degree 100% online. While there are no face-to-face or on-campus requirements, you will still have the opportunity to engage with your professors and peers in real-time sessions scheduled throughout each course.
  • Start where you are. While Leadership Studies doesn’t officially launch until Fall 2019, you don’t have to wait to begin learning. If you don't meet the admissions requirements to start the upper division courses immediately, our General Education (GE) courses can serve as your starting point. Once you have completed your GE, the average completion time for your online bachelor’s degree is 18-24 months.
  • A plan forward. Your academic advisor will work with you to create a customized education plan that begins with transferring your completed courses and concludes with the completion of your bachelor’s degree on a timetable that works within your schedule.
  • Faculty of professionals. Our instructors are driven by sharing their career success and are passionate about mentoring future leaders.
  • A deep bench of experience. Gain access to resources written by Dr. Townsend for topic areas that draw on his decades of experience in leadership development and consulting.
  • Christian values. Here, you will learn from a group of talented teachers with extensive knowledge on who we are as human beings created in the image of God.

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To make life work, you must focus on character growth first, and not just the results you want in the end.

Dr. John Townsend

About Dr. John Townsend

Dr. John Townsend is a leadership coach, business consultant, and clinical psychologist. He has written or co-written 27 books, selling 8 million copies, including the 8 million New York Times best-seller Boundaries, Leadership Beyond Reason, and Handling Difficult People. In addition to his instruction at the Townsend Institute, he conducts his own Leadership Coaching Program for executives, managers and small business owners with settings in Newport Beach, CA, Dallas, TX and Indianapolis, IN.

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Each of your online courses will include regularly scheduled class times with your professors and peers. In these two-hour online sessions, which are scheduled once during the first, third, fifth, and seventh weeks of each course, you and your classmates will participate in live lectures and discussions. This blended delivery system provides the opportunity to engage with our excellent faculty and network with other students in your cohort, while still offering the flexibility of a fully online degree program.

Make an impact.

Dr. John Townsend invites you to learn from decades of experience in leadership and know-how to bring transformation, performance, and productivity to teams and organizations. The Townsend Institute has earned a reputation for its relational approach to begin with character growth as a building block for high motivation and performance.


All Leadership Studies courses are taught by Christian professionals and industry leaders who make themselves readily available to you. Part of the value of your online bachelor’s degree comes through the conscientious leadership and experience of faculty who are personally committed to seeing you make the world a better place through your competence & character.

You can balance the demands of your career and schedule with the support and mentorship you’ll experience in the program.

Tuition and fees.

When you maintain continuous enrollment the tuition will remain the same throughout the program. Tuition does not include the price of textbooks.

Tuition/Fee Cost
Application Fee $50
Graduation Fee Graduation Fee
Tuition $520/unit
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