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Campus Update: Indoor Mask Guidelines Extended

September 16, 2021

Greetings to our CUI Students and Employees!

Update to Mask Guidelines on Campus

Our campus community has continued to see a low, but steady number of positive COVID-19 cases since the Labor Day holiday weekend. There is also a steady but slow trend downward in cases in Orange County. If our campus and county infection numbers continue to trend downward, we are optimistic that indoor mask requirements can be relaxed by early October.

In order to keep up progress toward bringing transmission rates lower, current campus mask guidance will be extended through October 1, 2021. All employees, students, and campus guests, both vaccinated and unvaccinated, are to continue to wear face coverings in all indoor campus settings.

As a reminder, there are limited exceptions to the mask guidelines. Resident students are not required to wear a mask within the student’s residence hall room. No student will be required to wear a mask for athletics practices, or co-curricular activities such as instrumental and vocal ensemble rehearsals, forensics rehearsals, theatre rehearsals, etc. Faculty who are fully vaccinated will not be required to wear a mask while teaching in the front of the classroom. Students who are fully vaccinated may remove their masks while presenting in front of the class. Masks may be removed when eating in the cafeteria and Eagles’ Landing, but should be on while going through line or returning to the serving areas.

COVID-19 on Campus

Concordia’s campus COVID-19 cases are regularly updated on CUI’s COVID-19 Dashboard. The Dashboard website also lists information about vaccine resources, symptom checking, and testing.

We will continue to monitor the cases on campus and in Orange County, and the indoor campus mask mandate will be reevaluated prior to October 1, 2021.

Previous Updates

September 2, 2021

Campus Update: Indoor Mask Guidelines Extended

September 2, 2021

Greetings to the Concordia Community!

Update to Mask Guidelines on Campus

Due to the continued high infection rates in our area, current mask guidance will be extended through September 17, 2021. All employees, students, and campus guests, both vaccinated and unvaccinated, are required to wear face coverings in all indoor campus settings, including the cafeteria and Eagles’ Landing, except when eating.

As a reminder, there are limited exceptions to the mask guidelines. Resident students are not required to wear a mask within the student’s residence hall room. No student will be required to wear a mask for athletics practices, or co-curricular activities such as instrumental and vocal ensemble rehearsals, forensics rehearsals, theatre rehearsals, etc. Faculty who are fully vaccinated will not be required to wear a mask while teaching in the front of the classroom. Students who are fully vaccinated may remove their masks while presenting in front of the class.

There are currently no restrictions on the size of activities or group gatherings, including no physical distancing.

COVID-19 on Campus

Concordia’s campus COVID-19 cases are regularly updated on CUI’s COVID-19 Dashboard. The Dashboard website also lists information about vaccine resources, symptom checking, and testing.

We will continue to monitor the cases on campus and in Orange County, and the mask mandate will be reevaluated prior to September 17, 2021.

August 11, 2021

Campus Update: Preparing for Fall 2021

August 11, 2021

Dear CUI Students and Families,

This email contains important information concerning updated mask guidelines on campus, reminders about uploading vaccination information, and a NEW requirement of pre-arrival COVID-19 testing for residential students. Please read this information carefully so that you are prepared for your arrival on campus in the days ahead.

Update to Mask Guidelines on Campus

Due to the rise of COVID-19 cases in Orange County and throughout the nation, and out of an abundance of caution, the campus community, regardless of vaccination status, will be required to wear masks or face coverings in indoor settings. This applies to all employees, students, and guests. 

This new campus guidance will go into effect on Friday, August 20, at the start of S.O.A.R (new student Orientation) and will be in place through Labor Day on Monday, September 6. The requirement will be reevaluated every two weeks thereafter during the Fall 2021 semester. 

Why? We do this to care for one another and protect the health of our student and employee population. The CDC currently rates Orange County as a “high transmission” area. By asking everyone to wear masks, regardless of vaccination status, we give our community more time to be fully vaccinated as we come together from all over the nation and internationally. Many of our students, including nursing students (per CA State guidance) and student-athletes (per NCAA guidance), will be required to wear masks in many indoor settings. Criteria for amending the masking guidelines include local transmission rates, local and state guidelines, rates of infection on campus, and vaccination rates of students and employees on campus. 

Resident students will not be required to wear a mask within the student’s residence hall room. No student will be required to wear a mask for athletics practices, or co-curricular activities such as wind instrument and vocal ensemble rehearsals, forensics rehearsals, theatre rehearsals, etc. Faculty who are fully vaccinated will not be required to wear a mask while teaching in the classroom. Students who are fully vaccinated may remove their masks while presenting in front of the class. Presently, there are no plans for restrictions on the size of activities or group gatherings, including no physical distancing. 

Guidelines for Vaccinated and Unvaccinated Students, Including New Pre-arrival Testing Requirements for Resident Students

CUI highly recommends that ALL students (resident and commuter) receive the COVID-19 vaccine prior to their return to campus. All traditional undergraduate students are asked to upload proof of COVID-19 vaccination. This information will be used for contact tracing purposes. Students who opt not to upload proof of vaccination will be treated as unvaccinated students with regard to the policies and procedures for close contact exposure and quarantine protocols.

Additionally, resident students are asked to submit vaccine information or a negative COVID-19 test according to the timing outlined below. Commuter students who are not fully vaccinated are also encouraged, but not required, to obtain a COVID-19 test prior to arriving on campus for any classes or activities. 

Fully Vaccinated Resident Students

Resident students must upload proof of COVID-19 vaccination prior to arriving on campus at their designated check-in time

Upload Vaccine Information

Resident Students Who Are NOT Fully Vaccinated

CUI resident students who are not fully vaccinated must show proof of a negative COVID-19 viral test, such as a PCR or antigen test, taken within 72 hours prior to arriving on campus at check-in. Resident students who are not fully vaccinated must upload proof of a negative COVID-19 test prior to coming to campus. Please note that the pre-arrival testing requirement pertains only to resident students.

Upload COVID-19 Test Information

Additional COVID-19 Information and Resources for Students

Student-athletes, international students, Nursing students, and other student groups will or have received further communication this week regarding particular COVID-related testing requirements and guidelines for their programs. 


More information concerning campus guidelines for fully vaccinated and unvaccinated students can be found in the July 21 Campus Update, including what happens in case of campus exposure, quarantine and temporary housing guidelines, and restrictions on class attendance and activities.

As we eagerly kick off a new academic year, we are so thankful for the Lord’s continued blessings on our campus. We ask for the prayers and support of the entire campus community as we once again strive to show our love and concern for one another doing what we can to keep each other safe and healthy in the face of the ongoing pandemic.

July 21, 2021

Campus Update: Preparing for Fall 2021

July 21, 2021

…Do not dwell on times past. Look! I am about to do something new! It is springing up even now…

Isaiah 43:18-19

Greetings Concordia Students and Families,

We are eagerly preparing for the return of our students in August. With improvements in the residence halls and student lounges, the expansion of the CU Active student fitness center, and a full slate of in-person student activities, our Student Affairs staff is ready to welcome commuter and resident students back to campus. The faculty are excited for a full return to in-person teaching and learning, and our support staff are ready to serve your needs. Whether you are a new or returning student, you will find something new at Concordia this fall.

As always, the safety of our community is at the heart of our plans and preparations for the new semester. In this update, you will find information about Concordia’s vaccine policies for vaccinated and unvaccinated students, local mask guidelines, new mental health resources, and a link to our new student fall orientation program - SOAR weekend.

Vaccines: What You Need to Know for Fall 2021

All CUI students are strongly encouraged to be fully vaccinated with a COVID-19 vaccine before returning to campus for the 2021-2022 academic year. Please note, the choice to vaccinate lies with each individual and receiving the vaccine is not a requirement for attending classes in person or living in the residence halls.

If You Are Vaccinated

All CUI students attending classes or activities on campus are asked to upload proof of COVID-19 vaccination at least one week prior to coming to campus. Please use the link provided below to upload vaccine records.

Upload Vaccine Info

By when should I upload my vaccine record?

  • Residential students: a week before your assigned move-in date
  • Non-residential students: a week before any in-person class or on-campus activity

If You Are Not Vaccinated

Special Note: Unvaccinated (or not fully vaccinated) international students and students living or traveling abroad this summer must fulfill a 7-day quarantine prior to attending any on-campus events or classes.

  • International students: Contact the Moon International Center for more information at [email protected].
  • Green card, U.S. citizens, or those living or traveling abroad prior to returning to campus:: Contact the Wellness Center at [email protected] or (949) 214-3102 to learn more about travel quarantine requirements.

More Considerations for Vaccinated and Unvaccinated Students

While CUI strongly recommends that members of our community be vaccinated, we know that not all members of our community will choose to do so for personal and health reasons. In order to protect all members of the community, the following policies will be in place in the event of a positive COVID-19 diagnosis for the 2021-2022 academic year.

If You Are Fully Vaccinated

If a vaccinated student is exposed to a positive case of COVID-19:

  • No testing is needed
  • No need to move rooms for quarantine if you live on campus
  • Can fully participate in person in co-curricular activities such as athletics, music ensembles, student activities, etc.
  • Can continue to attend class in person
  • Can go to on-campus job and supervisors do not need to be notified
  • If COVID-19 symptoms develop, vaccinated students are to report to the Wellness Center for testing and further instructions regarding quarantine and activities
  • If a vaccinated student tests positive for COVID-19, the student cannot attend classes, campus activities, or on-campus employment in person
  • Temporary accommodations for courses will be provided through Disability Access Services working with the professors
If You Are Not Fully Vaccinated

If a student who is not fully vaccinated is exposed to a positive case of COVID-19:

  • Students who live in the residence hall will move to a temporary room for 10 days from the last day of exposure
  • Commuter students should quarantine in their off-campus residence for 10 days from the last day of exposure
  • If COVID-19 symptoms develop, report to the Wellness Center immediately for testing
  • If COVID-19 symptoms are not present, testing is available through the Wellness Center according to current guidance, currently at days 3-5 from date of exposure
  • May not attend class in person while in quarantine or isolation
  • Temporary accommodations for courses will be provided through Disability Access Services working with the professors
  • No in-person co-curricular (athletics, music ensembles, student activities, etc.) participation for 10 days from the last day of exposure
  • May not report to on-campus employment in person
  • If symptoms emerge during the 10-day quarantine, report to the Wellness Center for testing.

Please note: Students who choose not to upload proof of vaccination will be treated as unvaccinated students with regard to the policies and procedures for close contact exposure to COVID-19 listed above. Falsifying proof of vaccine records is a breach of student conduct policy, and will be subject to sanctions through our conduct process.

Mask Use for Fall 2021

Currently, there are no plans to implement a new mask mandate in Orange County. At this time, those who are not fully vaccinated must continue wearing a mask indoors in accordance with guidelines from the California Department of Public Health (CDPH). Any updates to CDPH or local mask guidelines will be communicated to the campus community. At the present time, there are no requirements for physical distancing in place on campus, whether inside or outside.

New Mental Health Resources for Students

Concordia is partnering with the online platform called Togetherall to expand mental health resources for all CUI students. Students can access additional mental health support 24/7. Togetherall is a safe and anonymous online community where CUI students can connect with others that have real lived experience for advice and support any time of day or night. They can also complete self-paced courses or explore other helpful wellbeing resources when it suits them. Togetherall is a great supplemental source of support when other services are closed, including evenings, weekends and holidays. This online resource is moderated by trained professionals to keep them safe. Students are encouraged to register with their Eagles email address today!

Register for Togertherall

More Information Coming Your Way

In the days ahead, students and families will receive more information about assigned move-in dates and SOAR weekend – our orientation program for new students. Orientation includes programs for freshmen, transfers, commuters and residents, and for parents. To look through the calendar and purchase meals for the weekend, please visit the Student Orientation, Activities, and Registration (SOAR) website. We are so excited to see you all on campus!

For more information about COVID-19 policies, vaccine resources, symptom tracking, and on-campus COVID-19 testing resources, and current COVID-19 case counts on campus, please visit

We look forward to welcoming our students and families to campus soon!

May 5, 2021

Campus Update on Vaccines and Mask Guidelines

May 5, 2021

Dear CUI Students and Families,

You did it! You made it through an academic year unlike any other!

This final Campus Update of the semester provides information on Concordia University Irvine’s vaccine policy for the Fall 2021 semester and updates to guidance concerning the use of masks and face coverings on campus.

CUI COVID-19 Vaccine Policy

Concordia University Irvine strongly recommends that all students attending in-person classes for the Fall 2021 semester be vaccinated prior to returning to campus. Now that the COVID-19 vaccine is available to anyone 16 and older, we encourage students to take advantage of appointments available locally and near your home.

Why Does CUI Recommend Vaccination?

There have been enormous impacts on college communities, including economic, academic, social, physical, and mental health consequences for students, faculty, and staff. The American College Health Association (ACHA) recognizes that comprehensive COVID-19 vaccination is the most effective way for institutions of higher education to return to a safe, robust on-campus experience for students in the Fall 2021 semester. Vaccination allows the campus community to resume more activities that enhance students’ personal, professional, and academic growth.

Vaccination also helps to protect the campus and surrounding community via herd immunity: high-risk individuals on campus and those students, faculty, and staff who have exemptions that preclude COVID-19 vaccination.

View Vaccine Fact Sheet

Per the latest CDC guidance, individuals who are vaccinated do not need to quarantine when exposed to someone with a positive COVID-19 test. Students who are not vaccinated will be required to quarantine for 10 days after a known exposure, missing valuable class time, extracurricular, and social activities. Under current local and state health guidance, individuals who have previously tested positive for COVID-19 will not need to quarantine if they can provide documentation of a positive test result within 90 days of exposure. Policies concerning public health matters are subject to change as local and state guidance is updated.

Providing Proof of Vaccination

Both new and returning students who attend in-person classes will be asked to provide proof of COVID-19 immunization before returning to campus for the Fall 2021 semester. While the COVID-19 vaccination is not required to live in the residence halls or attend classes, those who choose to provide proof of vaccination will not have to quarantine after exposure to the virus. Those who do not provide proof of vaccination will have to follow all quarantine procedures.

For instructions on how to upload proof of vaccination, look for further email communication to your Eagles email account this summer.

New Mask Guidelines

The CDC’s recently updated guidance also covers the use of masks and face coverings for vaccinated individuals. Students who are fully vaccinated no longer need to wear masks outdoors, except in crowded settings. Students who are fully vaccinated may also be in residence hall rooms without masks when with others who are fully vaccinated.

We ask that all students continue to wear masks and maintain physical distance in all other indoor campus locations, such as classrooms, student service offices, the cafeteria, etc., until further guidance is available from state and local officials. We anticipate further relaxing of restrictions as we head into the summer months, and we will continue to update the campus community when new guidance is available.

Wishing you a safe and healthy summer!

February 25, 2021

Preparing for the Fall 2021 Semester

February 25, 2021

As we come to the midpoint of the semester, we see many positive developments on the horizon. The improving COVID-19 numbers and the ongoing rollout of vaccinations bring hope that there is, indeed, light ahead. The expectation of a return to normalcy can begin to guide and shape our plans for the future.

Concordia University Irvine will return to in-person instruction for the Fall 2021 semester. We are optimistic that COVID-19 cases in Orange County will be low enough that our students will be able to safely return to in-person courses and campus life, and a more “normal” college experience. This might still include some safety measures, in accordance with local public health guidance at that time. We are planning for every contingency… and we have gotten very good at planning in the time of COVID!

Planning for the Fall Semester

Academic Advising: The Academic Advising season for the Fall 2021 undergraduate semester is underway. If you have not already done so, make an appointment with your academic advisor to plan out your fall semester courses and receive your pin to register for classes. Priority registration for Fall 2021 classes will open between April 11-14 based on your student classification.

Schedule Advising Appointment

Housing Applications: Housing applications for the Fall 2021 semester open March 1. Residence halls will operate at full capacity. Stay tuned for news about exciting new amenities being planned to augment the student residence life experience! All students under the age of 22 are required to live on campus. Students who wish to live off campus must complete an Off-Campus Housing Appeal Form.

Finishing the Spring 2021 Semester

Dual Mode: Each week the decreasing COVID-19 numbers in Orange County bring us closer to being in the “red” tier where we can hold courses in person at 25% of classroom capacity. This tier would allow us to move to dual mode, with some students in the classroom and the rest online at the same time. This move could happen in mid to late March. Stay tuned to University emails and communications from your professors for further information.

Health and Safety Reminders

Do it for your neighbor. Had COVID already? Tired of testing and quarantines? COVID fatigue is real, but so is the ongoing threat to your friends, neighbors, and family. Keep tracking your symptoms using the Campus Clear app, and do your part to help keep our campus community safe. By maintaining safety guidelines now, we can continue to flatten the curve of infections and look forward to easing restrictions in the weeks and months ahead.

Keep wearing those masks! While infection rates continue to go down, now is not the time to ease up on health and safety guidelines. The CDC continues to recommend wearing a cloth face covering when outside of your immediate household. Read the latest CDC masking recommendations.

Maintain Physical Distance. Keep at least 6 ft. of physical distance between you and your neighbor, both indoors and outside. Gatherings in the residence halls are still not permitted, although we anticipate that we’ll be able to relax room visitation guidelines soon!

Wash your hands. Washing your hands is one of the most important things you can do to keep all sorts of germs at bay – not just COVID-19!

Post Spring Break Testing. The Wellness Center is offering PCR testing for all students upon their return from Spring Break. Students are required to pre-register for an appointment; no walk-ups will be allowed.

Testing appointments will be available on Tuesday, March 9 from 1:00pm-3:00pm, and on Wednesday, March 10 from 10:00am-12:00pm.

Once you have signed up for an on-campus testing slot, please remember to upload your insurance information prior to your appointment.

Have a blessed and restful Spring Break – and remember to stay safe!

January 13, 2021

Campus Update for the New Semester

January 13, 2021

The new semester is underway, bringing both excitement and challenges as we welcome residential students back to campus and classes begin. Gathering as a community once again, we look forward to being #CUITogether once again!

Residential Life

Approximately 585 students moved into the residence halls for the Spring 2021 semester. All students were tested for COVID-19 as part of the check-in process. Many thanks to the Wellness Center and Nursing program students who volunteered their time to help administer all the tests!

Commuter students will also have the opportunity to be tested as they return to campus for activities and classes. All students can take advantage of weekly drop-in PCR testing – no appointment necessary! – every Wednesday from 11am - 12pm in the Wellness Center.

Classes Begin Online

Traditional undergraduates will begin taking courses online for the first two weeks of the semester. Selected labs and studio arts activities will be in person after the first two weeks. For the time being, there will also be restrictions on in-room guests and in-person gatherings. Additionally, students are encouraged to remain on campus during Mid-semester Break from March 1-5. All departments and student services will remain open during that time.

Campus Clear and Campus QR Codes

Don’t forget! CUI students should use the #CampusClear app to monitor for COVID-19 symptoms and answer questions daily. It takes less than 10 seconds to answer the self-screening questions.

And when you’re out and about on campus, pay attention to the QR codes at some office and all classroom entrances. Scan the QR code before entering the building or room. This information will only be used to aid contact tracing for individuals potentially exposed to a person with COVID-19.

Welcoming New Employees: A Note from Campus Pastor Quinton Anderson

At the beginning of each semester we install new faculty and staff members. We invite you to join us to welcome new faculty and staff members this Friday, January 15 during chapel. We hope you can join us for Virtual Friday Chapel.

COVID-19 Vaccinations

The Wellness Center is in regular contact with the Orange County Health Care Agency regarding plans for vaccine distribution. Once the tier for students opens, students will be notified how to sign up and where vaccines will be administered. Vaccines will not be administered on Concordia’s main campus.

For more information and resources to help you get the Spring 2021 semester underway, please visit the #CUItogether website.

As our theme verse reminds us, “above all, continually consider God’s kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will also be given to you” (Matthew 6:33). God bless you in the semester ahead.

December 17, 2020

Returning to Campus for the Spring 2021 Semester

December 17, 2020

As the Fall semester concludes, the campus community heads into the Christmas season ready for some rest and time to refocus. We celebrate the birth of our Savior, and know that the Christ child who came into the world to conquer the darkness brings us light still today.

Looking ahead to the Spring 2021 semester, the traditional undergraduate semester will begin as scheduled on January 11, 2021. Even if our Southern California region is still under the state’s Stay Home Order at the start of the semester, residence halls and essential student services on campus will be open and available for all students. These services include full food service, Campus Ministry, Academic Advising, Student Wellness Center, Library, Registrar’s Office, Bursar’s Office, Writing Center, and Tutoring Services. Most services are available both in person and by virtual appointments.

Starting the Semester Online

CUI wants to re-engage with students in classrooms safely and when permitted. If the Stay Home Order expires on December 27, as it is presently scheduled to do, then Orange County business operations will likely still be under the “purple” tier guidance for the state of California. This tier permits science labs and studio arts activities to be in person, but requires all other courses to be online. It is probable that Orange County will still be in the purple tier when the spring semester starts.

For everyone’s safe return to campus, all traditional undergraduate courses will be online for the first two weeks. Before students and faculty come together for class and other in-person activities, we will use the first two weeks of the semester to do COVID-19 surveillance testing of residential and commuter students. See more information about testing below.

In week three, some science labs and some studio arts activities will move to in-person learning. The list of labs and arts activities that will be in person will soon be posted on the Learning Together web page. When permitted, more courses will move to dual mode in the spring semester with some students in the classrooms and others engaging live online. Students who wish to complete their semester online may do so. Those who wish to attend their courses in person will be welcomed to do that.

Whether courses are online or in dual mode, course schedules will remain the same. For instance, a course that meets MWF from 8:30-9:20 am will keep that schedule the whole semester. Most class sessions will be synchronous (live virtual meetings) with the professors and students in attendance at the same time. Some class sessions might be asynchronous, meaning that the class does not meet at the scheduled time (e.g., Friday from 8:30-9:20 am), but instead students have an assignment to accomplish on their own or in groups by a set time.

Students who live outside the contiguous United States (outside of the 48 adjoining states), may ask their professors about accommodations based on time-zone differences. Accommodations are to be worked out with professors directly as they know what the learning outcomes are for their courses and what modifications can be made to still achieve those outcomes.

FREE COVID-19 Testing for Returning and New Students

Resident students and commuter students coming to campus for the Spring 2021 semester will be required to make an appointment for COVID-19 testing in the Wellness Center. Resident students will be assigned a move-in time and be tested as part of the move-in process. Resident students will receive an email from Residential Education Services regarding move-in dates and procedures. All other traditional undergraduate students are expected to make an appointment prior to the start of any in-person activities, such as student employment, athletic practices, arts activities, science labs, etc. Information about testing dates and appointments for commuter students and Nursing students will be communicated at a later date.

We look forward to a new semester, a new year, and a fresh start. Though many challenges remain, we will face them as a community, heeding our Lord’s command to love one another. We trust in God’s grace to light our way and prepare us for the journey ahead.

Praying for the Lord’s grace and peace for each of you!

December 3, 2020

CUI Response to New CA Regional Stay Home Order

December 3, 2020

On Thursday, December 3, the State of California released a new Regional Stay Home order. This order is based on ICU capacity at hospitals within specific regions, rather than by county. Regions where ICU capacity falls below 15% will face new restrictions.

At this time Orange County, as part of the Southern California region, has not yet fallen below the 15% ICU capacity threshold. However, the region is projected to hit this mark in the days ahead.

Under the new Regional Stay Home order, schools are listed as critical infrastructure and are allowed to remain open with essential services provided. This means that our residence halls will remain open, even once the Southern California region’s metrics trigger the Stay Home order.

Concordia University Irvine’s leadership team will continue to review the new Regional Stay Home order to assess implications for our campus community. Once the order is triggered for our region, Concordia will send a follow-up Campus Update communication that will provide more details about how the order affects our campus community.

We encourage everyone to do their part to keep our community safe as infection rates and hospitalizations continue to surge in the state. Please remember to wear your mask, wash your hands, maintain distance from others, and monitor your symptoms daily.

Stay safe and stay #CUITogether!

The COVID-19 Response Team

November 25, 2020

COVID-19 Testing Results

November 25, 2020

Dear Members of the Concordia Community,

First, please know how truly thankful we are for all of you - our students, parents, faculty, staff, friends and community members. Your prayers and support during this challenging season, and especially the past few days, have truly been a blessing from the Lord!

There are a number of updates concerning our recent testing results, and what that means for our community in the weeks ahead.

Confirmation of Preliminary COVID-19 Tests

After receiving confirmation of recent preliminary COVID-19 tests, the Wellness Center has adjusted the number of positive COVID-19 cases on campus. Confirmed cases are lower than original unconfirmed numbers. This is good news! When preliminary numbers were posted on the university's dashboard on Saturday, November 21, a footnote explained that these initial test results were pending confirmation from an outside lab, as is required with certain COVID-19 tests. Most individuals have now been notified if they are cleared, or if they must remain in quarantine or isolation. As further confirmation of tests results come in, Concordia will update its COVID-19 Dashboard.

Here is where we stand as of Wednesday, November 25:

  • There are 6 active cases (4 students, 2 employees)
  • There are 6 cases still pending outside confirmation (4 employees, 2 students)
  • So far, 55 cases have been confirmed as negative

What does this mean?

The high number of “false positives” from students’ initial surveillance tests is not entirely uncommon. The Sofia II Antigen rapid testing machine used for surveillance screening throughout the semester has about an 80% accuracy rate. According to state protocol, all positive antigen test results for asymptomatic individuals must be confirmed by an outside PCR lab test. As part of the pre-Thanksgiving testing, testing of symptomatic individuals, and contact tracing efforts, 67 rapid Antigen tests were sent out for confirmation testing. The pre-Thanksgiving testing was offered over and above the normal surveillance testing that has been ongoing throughout the semester. More testing = more positive results.

Previously, only confirmed tests were reported on the university’s COVID-19 Dashboard. However, as the number of preliminary tests results indicated a potential outbreak, the university made the decision to post the unconfirmed test results, noting that the results were still pending confirmation. We praise the Lord that many of the confirmation tests are coming back negative!

As a result of the recent testing results, the Orange County Health Care Agency (OCHCA) has advised us to discontinue using the antigen test for asymptomatic individuals. This in no way means that we stop testing. Instead, we have been advised to use a different type of test (the more accurate PCR molecular test) that is processed in an outside laboratory, rather than starting with the surveillance Antigen test. Preliminary results seem to indicate that spread has been mostly limited to small friend groups and suitemates, rather than large scale spread among athletic teams or social gatherings. So far no one has reported serious illness.

Testing After Thanksgiving Break

Due to this recent incident, we highly recommend students returning from travel out of state or the country to make an appointment for to be tested. Tests will be conducted Monday, Nov. 30 through Wednesday, Dec. 2 in the Wellness Center. Students who did not leave campus during the break do not need to be tested unless they develop symptoms. A follow up email will be sent to all students with instructions on how to sign up for a test.

Classes and Final Exams After Thanksgiving Break

After Thanksgiving Break, classes will continue online for the rest of the semester and during finals, except for some labs and arts activities. Please see the updated list of Science Labs and Studio Arts Activities currently scheduled to continue meeting for the remainder of the semester.

Music ensembles may resume in person, in accordance with guidelines in the Purple tier, once all students in each music ensemble have a negative test result after Thanksgiving Break confirmed by the Wellness Center.

Updated Mask Mandates

Recently updated guidance from the state of California requires that all individuals wear face covering indoors and outdoors when in the presence of others not from their household. This includes wearing a face covering outdoors when within six feet of another person outside your household, and wearing a face covering in any indoor space when another person outside your immediate household is present. Please remember to wear a face covering as you move about campus!

Finally, we want to acknowledge the truly Herculean effort of our Wellness Center, Residential Life, Athletics, Institutional Research, University Services and countless other community members who have pulled together to serve our students and employees in isolation and quarantine. They have helped students move, delivered meals, calmed fears, washed laundry, delivered supplies, done contact tracing, worked with county health officials, and prayed over our students and employees impacted in recent days. We are so thankful and blessed by each and every one of you!

Please continue to stay safe and have a very blessed Thanksgiving!

The COVID-19 Response Team

November 21, 2020

Positive COVID-19 Cases on Campus

November 21, 2020

Dear CUI Community,

In the past few days, surveillance testing of our student population has revealed a number of positive COVID-19 cases among our students and employees. This testing was made available to our students who wished to be tested prior to returning home for Thanksgiving Break.

As of Saturday afternoon, a total of 48 cases among students and 16 new cases among employees have been reported in the past two days. The new active cases were revealed through surveillance Antigen testing. All the students have transitioned into isolation housing, and all are presently awaiting confirmation of the positive results through PCR testing. Contact tracing, quarantine, and subsequent testing of close contacts is ongoing. The university’s COVID-19 Dashboard will be updated daily as more confirmed Antigen and PCR test results become available.

As announced last week, the campus has already modified course instruction and operations in response to Orange County being placed in the most restrictive Purple tier in California’s Blueprint for a Safer Economy. In an abundance of caution, all further athletics practices have been cancelled, and will resume in the Spring 2021 semester. Courses will transition back to online instruction as of Monday, November 23, and remain online through the end of the semester, with the possible exception of a few in-person science labs and studio arts activities that might remain in person. Nursing clinicals will continue as currently offered.

The campus community, both students and employees, are strongly encouraged NOT to travel out of state for the Thanksgiving holiday, per the State of California travel advisory. Residence halls and food services will remain open for the duration of the holiday break. Students who do travel outside the state are strongly encouraged to sign up for COVID testing through the Wellness Center upon their return. Testing appointments will be available on Monday, November 30 through Wednesday, December 2.

-The COVID-19 Response Team

November 17, 2020

OC Moves to the Purple Tier and CA Travel Advisory

November 17, 2020

Dear CUI Students,

On Monday, November 16, the State of California announced that most counties, including Orange County, would immediately be placed in the most restrictive Purple Tier, due to escalating case numbers in the state and in our county. This, in addition to the state-wide travel advisory that came out on Friday, November 13, impacts classroom instruction, Thanksgiving travel plans, and residence life.

Classroom Instruction

Beginning Monday, November 23, classes that had transitioned to dual mode will go back to online instruction. Labs and studio arts activities that were previously approved for in-person instruction will continue to be offered in person until further notice.

Athletic Practices

Athletic practices will continue through the remainder of this week. Coaches will be in contact with their teams for specific instructions. Student-athletes are reminded to continue daily screenings, wear masks during practice, maintain physical distance and stay safe!

Residence Life

The residence halls will remain open. Students are not required or advised to move out early due to the more restrictive guidance.

  • All services open! - Food service, student health services, the library, study spaces, and all student services will remain open for the duration of the fall semester.
  • No room-to-room visitation - Resident students may gather only as “households” in all residential suites and apartments.
  • Restrictions on indoor social gatherings - Aside from approved labs and studio arts activities, indoor group gatherings are prohibited. All student events will take place outside. Please remember to keep your masks on, including outdoors where physical distancing cannot be maintained. The Tuesday night Source worship service will move outside.

Travel Advisory

The State of California travel advisory issued last Friday encourages those who travel out of state to self-quarantine for two weeks after returning to or entering California. It should be noted that the announcement is an advisory, rather than a requirement. We will not require CUI students returning to campus after Thanksgiving Break to self-quarantine.

Testing recommendation - To safeguard the health of our campus community, CUI will offer testing appointments for all students (both resident and commuter) who traveled during Thanksgiving Break, especially those who traveled outside of the state.The Wellness Center will offer testing appointments for returning students beginning Monday, November 30 through Wednesday, December 2. Information about testing appointments will be available at a later date.

As we watch infection rates climb around the country, we feel very grateful that our campus community has been spared from any serious outbreaks. It is a tribute to our students and employees that our care and concern for one another has helped keep us safe.

Please continue to wear your masks, practice physical distancing, and wash your hands frequently. We will get through this #CUITogether!

-The COVID-19 Response Team

November 3, 2020

Undergraduate Academic Updates

November 3, 2020

Undergraduate Academic Updates

Campus life is holding steady as we move into November. By God’s grace and through the efforts of our entire campus community, we have been able to live, learn, worship, practice, and serve, finding new ways to be #CUItogether both in-person and online.

Dual Mode Courses for Fall 2020

In the summer, CUI stated that it would not move to in-person courses anytime after Monday, November 2 so that students and faculty would know how the rest of the semester would proceed. We have several dozen courses in dual mode now and some that will begin that mode on November 2. Professors have already contacted their students about moving to in-person learning, so if you did not receive such a message for a given course, that course will remain online for the rest of the semester.

Withdrawal Deadline

The deadline to withdraw from a course and receive a "W" on the transcript is Friday, November 13 by 4:30 pm (PST). The Withdrawal Form must be filled out completely and submitted to the Registrar's Office with the proper signatures by that time.

Thanksgiving Break

Thanksgiving Break is from Wednesday, November 25 through Sunday, November 27. Students living on campus are invited to stay during the break and enjoy the Thanksgiving meal and activities offered on campus. Students, please register in advance for the Thanksgiving Day meal and activities.

Reducing travel back and forth during the break will help keep possible spread of illnesses down. Dual mode and online courses will resume on Monday, November 28.

Final Exam Week

The schedule for final exams is unchanged. Check with your professor on how your final exam will be given if you are taking the course in person. Otherwise, online courses will hold final exams online.


Final grades are due from professors on Monday, December 21. Grade options are normal (that is, A, A-, B+...F). Pass/No Pass is not an option this semester. This unique option was offered to traditional undergraduate students in Spring 2020 in response to the abrupt move from in-person courses to online learning that occurred late in the semester due to the campus shutting down from rise of the COVID-19 pandemic in the United States. This emergency shift in course modality does not apply to Fall 2020.


We regret to say that since state guidance does not allow us to gather in large numbers, we will not be holding a December graduation ceremony on campus. We heard clearly from graduates and parents last spring that a virtual graduation ceremony is not desirable as the culminating academic rite of passage, so we will not hold a virtual ceremony this December. Instead, as has been done for most of CUI's history, December graduates will walk in the May. The May ceremonies will be held on CUI's campus. Details will follow later. The cancellation of the December ceremony will not affect the timeline in which students can expect to receive their degrees. Graduates, look for updates directly from the Office of the Registrar.

Courses for Spring 2021

At this point, we expect to have courses in dual mode and online in Spring 2021 much like they are now. Should Orange County slide back to the "purple" zone in January, the semester would need to start online. We pray that we will be in the "red" or "orange" zones so that we can have many courses, labs, etc. in person. Either way, all courses will meet on the days and times listed on the Master Course Schedule. As was the case this semester, students may choose to take their instruction online or, if permitted, in person. We expect Nursing didactic courses to continue in the same way they are now. More information will be given later on exactly how the Spring 2021 semester will begin and proceed. There are no changes to the Spring 2021 traditional undergraduate academic calendar.

Thank you to all members of the Concordia family who have prayed over our community these last weeks and months. Fires. Winds. Pandemic. God’s protection has been so evident on our campus. Let’s finish the second half of the semester strong!

Therefore, since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses, let us also lay aside every weight, and sin which clings so closely, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us, looking to Jesus, the founder and perfecter of our faith.

Hebrews 12:1-2a (ESV)

September 24, 2020

In-Person Class Update – Reminders for Monday, September 28

September 24, 2020

Dear CUI Undergraduate Students,

Thank you for filling out the surveys about your preference for attending your courses online or in person moving forward. Your professors will communicate with you very soon about which courses will meet in dual mode (in person and online) on Monday, September 28, and which courses will remain fully online for the time being. Please keep in mind, only courses where all the students who want to attend in person fit within the classroom’s 25% capacity limit will meet in dual mode on Monday.

Staying Safe to Stay #CUItogether

Here are a few important reminders on how we can help keep each other – and the CUI community – safe as more people join us on campus Monday and in the weeks ahead.

  • Before You Come to Class
  • Classroom Safety Protocols - Watch the video!
    • Stay 6 feet apart in buildings and classrooms.
    • Wear a mask - in class, indoors, and while walking around campus.
    • Clean your desk - Use the sanitizing wipes provided in each classroom to wipe down your desk/table area and chair before class starts.
    • If you are sick or quarantined, do not come to class in person. Contact your professors and attend your courses online.
  • Scan the QR Code
    • QR codes have been placed at the entrance to each classroom and many offices. Please scan the code before entering your classroom. This information will be used for contact tracing in case someone in the class is diagnosed with an infectious illness.

Commuter Student Study Spaces

Several areas on campus are available as student study spaces.

  • Library - Open study areas and private study rooms are available.
  • Commons Tent - Tables on the west side of the tent are equipped with charging stations.
  • Outdoor seating across campus - WiFi is available in most outdoor seating areas across campus.

Moving from Red to Orange

When Orange County moves from the “Red” category to “Orange” in California’s reopening criteria, this will allow Concordia to offer many more courses in dual mode. This could happen by mid-October. Your professors will contact you again to alert you before more dual mode courses begin.

Please note, we still have reduced capacity in the CUI residence halls this school year. Our ability to move more students into the halls during the semester is significantly limited, but please feel free to request your name be added to a housing waitlist by emailing [email protected].

We look forward to having more students and professors together in the classroom.

Peace be with you.

Rev. Scott A. Ashmon, Ph.D.
Provost, Concordia University Irvine

September 21, 2020

In-Person Course Update

September 21, 2020

Dear CUI Undergraduate Students,

By now you should have received a survey from each of your professors asking if you (a) will attend the course in person when allowed to do so or (b) will complete the course online. Submit your response to each survey by Wednesday, September 23. You will be marked as staying online for each course survey that you do not respond to by the deadline.

If you select to complete the course online, you will be expected to do just that. A student cannot attend a course in person if the student has chosen to complete the course online or is marked as such by failing to answer the survey on time. Why not? Because we are (a) creating fixed in-person student groups for each course that fit the permitted COVID-19 seating capacity for the assigned classroom, and (b) we are keeping the number of new student contacts down to prevent the possible introduction and spread of illness.

In addition to determining which students will be attending classes on campus, the survey results will determine (a) which courses will begin in-person, dual mode instruction on Monday, September 28 and (b) which courses will move to in-person instruction later, perhaps by mid-October.

Right now, universities in Orange County have permission to hold in-person courses at 25% seating capacity. Courses where all students who want to attend in person can all fit into the 25% capacity of the assigned classroom will be allowed to begin in-person, dual mode instruction on Monday, September 28. Those students who choose to attend in person will go to their classrooms starting September 28. Those who choose to complete their courses online, or those who do not respond to the survey, will continue to attend the courses using Zoom.

If the number of students who want to attend a course in person exceed the 25% seating capacity for the assigned classroom, that course will wait to move to in-person instruction when universities in Orange County can hold in-person courses at 50% seating capacity. This could happen by mid-October. At that point, the professor would break the class up into one or more student groups for in-person attendance based on the survey responses you are submitting now.

Each professor will tell you this week if the course will start in-person instruction on September 28 or if it will remain fully online for now.

Finally, just to be clear, courses that are already marked as OL ("online"), such as WRT 102-OL 1, will remain online the whole semester. Also, the science labs, studio arts activities, and nursing courses that are currently meeting in person will continue to do so in the same fashion.

Look for another email this week to remind you about the safety protocols in place for in-person courses.

Peace be with you.

Rev. Scott A. Ashmon, Ph.D.

September 14, 2020

Campus Update: In-Person Classes

September 14, 2020

NOTE: This community update contains out-of-date information. Please see more recent Community Updates for updated information.

Dear CUI Undergraduate Students,

We hope that your studies and other activities are going well this semester. We praise God that He has blessed us with your presence on campus and online this fall.

We want to update you on when courses could move to being in-person. Right now only Nursing courses, some science labs, and some studio arts activities in Music and Theatre are being done - with safety measures - in classrooms. Everything else is online and will remain so until institutions of higher education in Orange County are cleared to offer the rest of their courses in person.

We anticipate that we will be cleared and start in-person, dual mode courses on Monday, September 28. We will alert you the week before if that ends up being the actual start date for in-person courses. If the start date is later than that, we will notify you about that as well.

Whenever we begin dual mode courses, students who wish to complete their courses online may choose to do so. They do not need to fill out a form; they simply need to tell their professors that they wish to stay online. Students who want to be in the classroom will have an opportunity to tell their professors that. Based on the number of students who wish to be in the classroom, there may be two groups of students that rotate being in the classroom (e.g., Group A on Tuesday and Group B on Thursday). Note, however, that courses currently marked as "OL" (e.g., WRT 102-OL-1) will remain online the whole semester because they were originally set up that way.

In the meantime, keep diving into your studies with the methods we are using together now. Whether in person or online, our educational aim remains the same: to offer an academic environment where you can develop yourself as a "wise, honorable, and cultivated citizen."

Peace be with you.

Rev. Scott A. Ashmon, Ph.D.

August 25, 2020

CUI’s Fall 2020 Undergraduate Semester Is About to Begin

August 25, 2020

Dear CUI Students and Families,

The countdown is underway! In just a few short days, the traditional undergraduate semester will begin on Monday, August 31. Our student leaders have begun to arrive on campus where they are preparing to welcome their fellow students and help to facilitate Move-in days and Orientation. Already, there is a palpable sense among the student leaders that they are ready to meet the challenges of the semester ahead as they help train, mentor, and model expectations for life in our community under the “new normal.”

Speaking of countdowns...Orange County is now off the state watch list!
As of Sunday, Orange County has officially come off California’s monitoring list for areas with high rates of COVID-19 infections. We rejoice in this news that the numbers are headed in the right direction. However, we are mindful that this does not mean that life in our area will be “back to normal.” State and local health authorities are due to release updated guidance soon on what restrictions will be lifted or modified for counties coming off the watch list. It is worth noting, CUI is not changing or lifting any restrictions at this time.

In these crucial weeks at the beginning of the semester, it is our expectation that our students, faculty, and staff will be guided by a shared responsibility to exercise caution and show concern for one another as we return to campus.

Important Notes About The Academic Calendar

As noted in past campus updates, the beginning of the semester will be conducted online, with the exception of a few in-person science labs and studio arts activities. For a list of labs and activities that will be conducted in person starting August 31, visit or click on the link below.

Course instructors will be reaching out to students in the days ahead with instructions on how to access online classes on the first day of instruction. If students have not already done so, visit the CUI Bookstore to order books online.

Classes will not immediately revert to a dual mode format now that we are officially off the state watch list. Students will be notified well in advance before the transition to dual mode classes begins. The soonest that a dual mode format could begin would be Monday, September 14. This will allow our students to become more acquainted with the online technology being employed for classes, allow for beginning of the year schedule changes, and give faculty an opportunity to divide their classes into groups for in-person and online instructional rotations. It also provides our campus community necessary leeway to determine an appropriate course of action in case infection rates in our area begin to increase once again.

The delay in the start of the traditional undergraduate semester to August 31 also necessitated a few adjustments to the Fall 2020 Academic Calendar.

  • Labor Day: September 7 - classes will be held
  • Reading Days: October 12 & 13 - no classes; students prepare for midterms
  • Thanksgiving Holiday - Wednesday, November 25 - Friday, November 27
  • Final Exam Week: December 14 - 18 (residence halls close December 19)

We strongly recommend and encourage residential students to remain on campus for the Thanksgiving Holiday. Meal services will be provided throughout the break, and the President’s Office is planning a special Thanksgiving holiday community meal for students. By encouraging resident students to remain on campus, we hope to mitigate the spread of seasonal illness that often accompanies the holiday travel season.

Orientation Follow-up For Parents: Coffee With The President, Provost, Dean Of Students, And Director Of Alumni & Family Relations

In these unprecedented times, we know that parents may be even more anxious to leave their student in a new environment. Whether moving into the residence halls or embarking in online classes from home, students are faced with new expectations and navigating unfamiliar processes, while also trying to make connections and exploring their place in a new community. Parents of new incoming students will have the opportunity to ask questions at the Online Parent Orientation scheduled for Saturday, August 29 at 12:00 pm. We would also like to give all our parents extra time to continue to ask questions they have about CUI, their student's transition to dorm life, and the protocols we have in place regarding COVID-19. To do this, we will host the following coffee conversations where parents can ask what is on their hearts and minds.

  • Friday, September 4, 12:00-1:00pm
    Zoom Link
  • Friday, September 11, 6:00-7:00pm (Spanish speaking interpreter will be online)
    Zoom Link
  • Friday, September 18, 9:00-10:00am
    Zoom Link

CUI Together - A Challenge And An Expectation For Life On Campus

Over the past months, our campus community has exhaustively prepared and prayed over plans to bring the community back together safely. Our plans include ample opportunities to experience community, while also respecting the health and safety concerns of our students, employees, and neighbors.

As many of you have no doubt seen in the news these past weeks, many colleges and universities have begun the semester in person, only to cancel those plans and revert to online instruction. Often, student conduct in off-campus settings and on-campus residential housing has led to outbreaks of COVID-19 infections, causing institutions to clamp down on student activities and, in some cases, send students home.

We challenge our students - be better than what you have seen in the news. Care for one another. Hold each other accountable. Let your neighbor’s welfare be the compass for your behavior.

In so many ways, returning to campus this fall will not be tantamount to “returning to normal.” It will look and feel different on campus as we learn new ways to interact with friends, classmates, and professors. We will navigate online classes together, worship together, and eat meals outside together. We will relish that our SoCal location lets us be outside! We will practice civility, offer encouragement when we see distress, and extend God’s grace to one another in response to God’s redeeming love for us. We will carry out our vocations as students, teachers, roommates, workers, and family members so that the love of God shines through us for all to see.

We are ready to be CUItogether!

For His Students,

Dr. Michael Thomas

Michael A. Thomas, Ph.D.
President, Concordia University Irvine

August 12, 2020

Campus Update Regarding State and Local Guidance

August 12, 2020

Greetings, CUI Students and Families!

On Friday, August 7, the California Department of Public Health released the long-awaited COVID-19 Industry Guidance for Institutions of Higher Education. The guidelines offered mostly good news for our community although some challenges remain.

State and County Guidance for Higher Education

Concordia's Return to Campus plan aligns very well with the state guidance document, validating our months of careful planning and preparation. The decisions we have made about beginning the fall semester in an online format and housing students on campus in a reduced capacity also align with the guidance. Some of the highlights from the state guidance document include:

  • Institutions of higher education in counties on the CA state watch are limited to online instruction. Counties must see infections fall for 14 days before they can be removed from the state watch list. The county must stay off the watch list for three days before resuming in-person, dual mode courses.
  • All courses start online, with exceptions for some labs and studio arts. CUI is pursuing further guidance from the Orange County Health Care Agency regarding what limitations and guidelines will apply to courses falling under these categories. CUI is currently preparing a list of in-person lab courses and will communicate this in the days ahead.
  • As was the case over the summer, programs that prepare “essential” workers, such as Concordia’s Nursing programs, are allowed to have in-person instruction.

In addition, the state guidance laid out for campus operations align well with our own Return to Campus guidelines:

  • CUI has a campus-specific COVID-19 protection plan in place.
  • Plans for physical distancing on campus and in classrooms are in place.
  • We will limit non-essential visitors and activities.
  • Non-essential shared spaces will be closed.
  • Food service will provide grab-and-go and individual meals.
  • Residence halls will prioritize single room occupancy.
  • Students, faculty, and staff will be trained in COVID-19 prevention.

The guidance on residence hall occupancy in particular is good news. We were able to accommodate all housing need requests submitted by students, and our residential housing plans fall well within the state’s guidelines.

Collegiate sports also face special restrictions, for which CUI Athletics has prepared:

  • Practices may resume in accordance with all PacWest athletic conference safety plans. To begin, only strength and conditioning activities will be allowed.
  • Fall sports competitions are postponed until spring.
  • Once competition resumes, there will be mandatory regular testing of athletes and staff, with isolation and quarantine required for positive tests.
  • Masks will be required for anyone attending a game (e.g. coaches, players, officials, et al.) but not currently playing.
  • No spectators will be allowed at events.

Concordia University Irvine will work with the Orange County Health Care Agency regarding allowable campus activities and guidelines for in-person courses. At this time, outdoor worship (without singing) and outdoor physical fitness activities are allowable on campus. Most other in-person group activities for students are not permitted at this time, including choral activities, theatre activities, brass and woodwind instrument playing. We understand how disappointing this news is for our many music, theatre students, and residential students. As with any new guidance, much is still being interpreted and resolved. Please know that faculty and staff are endeavoring to provide a full experience for students while living within the state and county guidelines, and we are actively seeking creative ways to continue these activities in ways that would be allowable by county health authorities.

Student Orientation, Activities, and Registration (SOAR) and Move-In Schedule

Due to the delay of the beginning of the fall undergraduate semester to August 31, new dates for move-in and SOAR (new student orientation) have been established.

  • Thursday, August 27 & Friday, August 28: Move-in days for freshmen and new students
  • Saturday, August 29 & Sunday, August 30: Move-in days for returning students
  • Saturday, August 29 & Sunday, August 30: SOAR for new students

Please note: Move-in dates and times have been assigned to all residential students and communicated via Eagles email. These days and times have been assigned to allow for physical distancing during the move-in process. We ask that families arrive during their assigned time so that only one family is moving into the residence hall room at one time.

More information about the SOAR schedule, Move-in, and Clearance will be sent to students' Eagles email, and can be found at Zoom links for virtual orientation activities will also be sent to students’ Eagles email.

Plans for Online & Dual Mode Courses

All traditional undergraduate courses will be online for Fall 2020 until CUI is permitted to hold in-person courses. Only Nursing classes, select science labs, and studio art labs will be held in person. CUI is currently preparing a list of in-person lab courses and will communicate this in the days ahead. Once local health guidelines permit us to hold in-person classes, most courses will transition to a dual mode format. It is important to note that students who wish to complete their semester online may do so.

Our commitment to a robust academic experience will not waiver within the online environment. Students and faculty will be present with each other in live virtual settings in order to build relationships and foster interaction. Academic support services will also be available in a virtual format for students to access important information. To learn more visit Learning Together.

Technology Update

Concordia University Irvine has adopted Zoom as our official online meeting platform. All current CUI students can sign up for a Concordia Zoom account using their Eagles email address. There are no meeting time limit restrictions on these accounts, and they are available for as long as you are a student at Concordia.

Helpful training materials can be found in the Zoom section of the Student Guidance for Instructional Continuity Resources webpage:

If you have any questions, please contact [email protected] or call (949) 214-3175.

Health Reminder - Don't Forget Your Flu Vaccine!

We strongly recommend that all students, and particularly our residential students, get the influenza vaccine as soon as possible. The COVID-19 virus is not the only communicable disease to worry about this season! Because the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 has similar symptoms to seasonal flu viruses, being vaccinated against the flu will help students and health care providers determine who needs to be tested for COVID-19. Contact your local health provider for information about the availability of the flu vaccine in your area.

We praise God that the long-awaited, state guidance aligns well with the months of planning and preparation we have undertaken. We eagerly await the return of all our students, faculty, and staff for the beginning of the traditional undergraduate fall semester. We will continue the important work of preparing students for their God-given vocations.

May the Lord richly bless each and every one of you this year as we open the traditional academic year! Please pray for every member of the Concordia community over the coming weeks and months. We know that this year will be an adventure for all of us, and one that each of us will always remember!

For His Students,

Dr. Michael Thomas

Michael A. Thomas, Ph.D.
President, Concordia University Irvine

August 7, 2020

California State Guidance for Higher Education Has Been Released

August 7, 2020

On Friday, August 7, the California Department of Public Health released the long-awaited COVID-19 Industry Guidance for Institutions of Higher Education. The guidance is good news for Concordia University Irvine. Our preliminary reading of the guidance indicates that it seems to align well with the months of planning and preparation we have done.

Concordia’s leadership team will continue to examine the document and we will issue a more thorough report of our findings early next week after further consultation with the Orange County Health Care Agency.

July 30, 2020

Campus Update from the President on Plans for the Fall Semester

July 30, 2020

Dear CUI Students and Families,

We have planned, prayed for, and sincerely hoped for a return to on-campus instruction for the fall semester. Unfortunately, those plans must now take a different course. Our local area remains on the California state watchlist, which places further restrictions on local businesses and schools in Orange County. While Governor Newsom has not yet released guidelines for higher education, Concordia’s leadership team feels compelled to take necessary steps now to protect our campus community amidst the ongoing threat of the COVID-19 pandemic in our area and to provide some clarity to our students and their families.

Beginning the Semester Online with an Altered Start Date

As such, CUI has determined that we will delay the start of our traditional undergraduate academic semester to Monday, August 31. Our traditional undergraduate students will begin the semester in a fully online format, with the intention to transition to dual mode instruction as soon as state and local guidance permits.

The two-week delay in the start of classes will allow our faculty, staff, and students more time to pivot and prepare for the revised expectations of fully remote learning. During those additional weeks of preparation, students can expect virtual meetings with their academic departments, as well as “Zoominars” led by our Office of Innovative Instruction and eLearning (OIIE) to help students familiarize themselves with the technology and tools available for successful remote learning.

Our Nursing students will continue modified in-person instruction on the main campus, beginning their fall session as scheduled on August 17. Graduate programs and other programs which are typically delivered through an online modality will also begin as previously scheduled. The MBA program will be offered in a fully online format.

Changes to Residential Life

In addition to beginning the semester with fully online instruction, we have decided to move forward with a revised housing strategy for the fall semester. To support the health and safety of residential students, faculty, and staff, and to comply with what we now anticipate will be the state guidance for student housing, we will reduce occupancy in the residence halls.

CUI Housing staff will be working directly with students to submit additional information about their need for housing this fall according to these new protocols. Students are asked to read all communication from Housing staff carefully and comply with the listed deadlines. There is a limited timeframe to gather information and notify students about the availability of fall housing. Failure to submit information accurately and in a timely manner may prevent a student from receiving full consideration for housing during the fall semester. Priority for housing accommodations will be communicated early next week.

We firmly believe that residence life is integral to building a sense of community for our undergraduate students; therefore, we want to preserve that possibility for students with demonstrated need, while ensuring the health and safety of each person. As you know, we have prepared diligently to bring the community back together in a safe and considered manner. New guidelines, policies, and resources will be in place throughout the campus to mitigate the possible spread of illness.

We are also blessed to have a large, secluded campus, with lots of outdoor recreation and study spaces. Students will find many opportunities for exercise, social time, and engagement while maintaining physical distancing. Our Student Affairs and Campus Ministry teams are committed to providing an engaging co-curricular experience for all students during the fall semester.

Return to Campus

If we receive guidance from state and local authorities during the Fall semester that authorizes a return to in-person instruction on campus and an increase in residential housing numbers, we will provide detailed instructions to accommodate this transition. However, it is important that students and their families can count on some level of stability as we move toward the middle of the semester. To provide some certainty, CUI has established that November 2 would be the last possible start date on campus, as this would allow seven weeks of in-person, dual mode instruction. In this situation, students who prefer to remain at home and complete their courses remotely would be permitted to do so.

CUI would, however, announce this transition no later than October 26. If we do not have state and local authorization to return to campus by that date, then the semester would be completed remotely.

Eagle Emergency Fund for Traditional Undergraduates

At Concordia, we strive each day to live out our mission to educate and prepare wise, honorable, and cultivated citizens who go into the world and carry out their callings with Christian love toward God and all other humans. We believe that this education is wholly transformative and should be made available to as many students as possible. Certainly we know that the COVID-19 pandemic has taken a severe toll on students and their families, not only emotionally and physically, but in some cases monetarily. For the fall semester, we will be providing a grant equivalent to 10% net tuition to offset tuition and fees for eligible traditional undergraduate students through the Eagle Emergency Fund, generously supported in part by Friends of Concordia University Irvine. The university will issue this grant automatically – students do not need to apply – and we expect that the vast majority of traditional undergraduates will be eligible to receive the grant. (Students receiving 100% of their tuition through scholarships and grants will be ineligible.)

Tuition Bill Due Date Extended for New Students

Because of these changes, we are extending the due date for payment of fall tuition and fees for all new traditional undergraduate students to August 17, 2020. Revised bills will be issued as soon as possible; please wait until you receive your bill before submitting payment.

We Are Here for You

The road we have collectively navigated over the past weeks and months has often left all of us with more questions than answers. While we hope for more clarity soon from our state and local authorities, we understand and respect the urgent need our students and families have to make plans.

As we focus our attention on getting students ready for online instruction and modified housing guidelines, we have put several resources in place for students and families.

This spring and summer have brought many challenges and uncertainties. Let me encourage each of you to remain connected. We will continue to adapt and persevere until we can come back to campus together as soon and as safely as possible. In the meantime, we will continue to provide the most up-to-date information on the CUItogether website and through email.

I am so very grateful for your understanding, feedback, and prayers as we have navigated this uncertain and difficult season together. Please continue to lift up the CUI community as we move forward this academic year. We are fully committed to providing every student with an amazing academic experience this year! The faculty and staff are eager to get to know you (or to catch up after so many months) and engage with you through an online, academic experience. Of course, we are hopeful that we’ll be able to welcome you to campus for in-person classes sometime this semester!

Regardless of the uncertainties wrought by the COVID-19 pandemic, your Concordia education will be marked by the very same qualities that have always characterized our unique Lutheran approach to higher education. You’ll be formed intellectually to think in new and profound ways. You’ll be asked to examine your innate gifts and talents to discover the potential vocations that you’re being called to. You’ll be challenged to contemplate how you should use your gifts, skills, and knowledge to help others around you and to bring hope to a world that is in desperate need. Finally, you’ll be asked to explore your deeper purpose as you contemplate the God who has created you and loves you wholeheartedly.

We are excited to get this academic year underway despite the twists and turns that might lie ahead!

Students, welcome to a year that will be unlike any other! May God bless all our journeys ahead. And may our Lord bless and protect you and yours.

Dr. Michael Thomas

Michael A. Thomas, Ph.D.
President, Concordia University Irvine

July 14, 2020

Update on Employee Reintegration; Plans Continue to Welcome Students Back to Campus

July 14, 2020

Dear CUI Students and Families,

On July 13, California Governor Gavin Newsom issued an order that resulted in an immediate impact on the university’s return to work plans. The order closes indoor office operations for non-essential businesses for all counties placed on a watchlist. Unfortunately, due to the recent rise in the number of COVID-19 cases in our area, Orange County is on that watchlist.

To comply with the Governor's order, we are requiring several employees who have returned to campus to begin working remotely again, while our essential employees remain on campus to maintain our core physical operations and serve the students who have remained on campus for the summer months.

At this time, we are still preparing to welcome students back for face-to-face classes on August 17, and we continue to plan for dual mode courses, as well as online course options. CUI has prepared diligently over the last few months to welcome students, staff, and faculty to campus. For a review of the protocols for the return to campus, please peruse the CUI Together website.

CUI’s leadership team continues to closely monitor guidelines and rulings from the Orange County and California health agencies. Simultaneously, we continue to work on plans for a safe return for our employees and students. In the days ahead, we will determine how these new local restrictions affect the early arrival plans of some of our student groups. We will continue to communicate to the campus community as new developments occur that affect our campus operations and plans for the fall semester.

The world at this time is in desperate need of hope. The Lord will use each of us to shine His love into the lives of those around us. As we pray for each of you, we ask for your prayers and patience as we continue on this journey together! We trust ever more confidently in the Lord’s grace and mercy and rejoice in the salvation He brings through His Son, Jesus Christ.

June 19, 2020

CUI Together – Our Return to Campus Plan

June 19, 2020

Concordia Students and Families,

We are now officially less than two months away from the official start of the fall academic semester on August 17, and our Return to Campus task forces are readying the campus for your arrival. CUI employees previously working from home will begin returning to campus in phases beginning June 22, and (pending state and local approval) our Nursing students will begin taking summer classes on the main campus at the end of June!

We know our students and families have lots of questions about how things will be different on campus, what safety measures will be in place, and what everyone needs to know as students prepare to return. We are excited to announce the launch of CUI together, a new collection of resources for CUI students, families, and employees on the website. The website is designed to answer frequently asked questions, provide links to important forms and information, and archive communications related to COVID-19. We will continue to add resources to the site in the weeks ahead, so check back frequently!

Please continue to check the COVID-19 website for more updates and new resources, or email [email protected] and we will forward your question to the appropriate department or resource.

As all of us in the CUI community prepare to learn together, live together, and work together once again, we will continue to care for one another, keep each other safe, and connect in new ways so that we can truly be CUI together!

June 3, 2020

Planning for Your Return to Campus

June 3, 2020

Greetings CUI Students and Families!

Planning for Your Return to Campus - #CUItogether

We are very excited to announce that we have been given the go-ahead by state and local health authorities to begin welcoming back employees and student workers in small numbers during the month of June. Our Return-to-Campus task forces are very busy planning for your arrival back on campus. Those joining us this summer will be the first to experience the new safety measures coming into place on campus. While we await additional clearance from local authorities to begin offering in-person classes, summer graduate program courses are being taught online, and Nursing summer cohorts are planning for both online and face-to-face instruction. For our traditional undergraduate students, classes will begin as scheduled on August 17.

Academic Calendar Updates

Last week, CUI’s academic leadership team approved adjustments to the traditional undergraduate academic calendar for the fall semester. Due to concerns expressed by local and national health officials about a possible resurgence of COVID-19 during the next flu season, Concordia has adjusted the academic calendar so that traditional undergraduate students will conclude face-to-face instruction on Tuesday, November 24, just before Thanksgiving Day. Resident students will return home and all students will take final exams in an online format November 30 through December 4. More information will be available soon regarding any modifications to December Commencement activities.

Campus Health and Safety Measures

While we are eager to welcome our employees and students back to campus, we are committed to doing so in a safe and considered manner, in accordance with guidelines from the CDC and the Orange County Health Care Agency. The University is investing resources and putting new guidelines in place throughout the campus to mitigate the possible spread of illness. As we come together as a community once again, we will love our neighbors by putting needs for safety first!

Below are some of the initiatives we are presently putting into place across campus:

  • Hand-sanitizing stations are being installed across campus.
  • Disinfecting wipes are being installed at the entrances of each building and in every classroom.
  • Hospital-grade, washable curtains installed in certain residence hall rooms, as well as augmented cleaning and disinfection in shared residence hall spaces.
  • Physical distancing markers are being placed in service areas around campus.
  • Plexiglass shields have been installed in service areas and at podiums in classrooms.
  • Buildings are equipped with high efficiency, double filter HVAC air systems, which include HEPA filters for both incoming and outgoing airflow.
  • All employees and students will be offered training on safety guidelines.
  • The Wellness Center has established capacity with local health providers to offer on-campus testing and contact tracing.
  • Additional isolation and quarantine rooms have been set aside in the residence halls for students diagnosed with or exposed to infectious illnesses (flu, COVID-19, etc.).
  • While local regulations are still in place, cloth face coverings will be required in certain areas on campus. More guidance will follow, as local regulations are subject to change.

Technology Enhancements and Dual Mode Courses

Establishing relationships with students is vital for a robust educational environment. We want to preserve face-to-face interaction, and students want this too. We also need to minimize physical proximity and the frequency of those physical interactions in order to minimize the possible spread of COVID-19.

To accomplish these twin goals, most courses will be moving to a dual mode of teaching and learning with a rotation of students in the classroom. To attain physical distance between students in classrooms, the rooms will be revamped so that a limited number of students can be in the room at one time. Other students will have the flexibility to engage with the course virtually in real-time (synchronously). More details on these course accommodations will follow in a future campus announcement.

Classrooms will be equipped with audio/video technology to enable this dual mode of teaching and learning. In order to facilitate access for virtual engagement, each student will need to have access to a computer with a camera, microphone, and speaker. More details on computer requirements will follow in a future campus announcement.

Commencement 2020

After much deliberation and consideration of local and state guidelines, the Graduation Committee has made the decision to move Spring 2020 Commencement ceremonies online. We previously were hopeful that we would be able to hold in-person events on August 8, but with the current gathering size restrictions we cannot be certain that an on-campus event of this magnitude would not be cancelled.

Virtual commencement ceremonies celebrating the Class of 2020 will now be held on Saturday, June 27 at 1pm, PST. Everything will be pre-recorded, but we will offer synchronous chat for messages of joy and celebration. Please join in watching the event and supporting our Class of 2020 graduates. We will have three separate ceremonies playing at the same time: Undergraduate; School of Education Graduate programs; and all other Graduate programs. Links will be sent out in an email closer to the ceremony date. You can also look for updates on the graduation website.

We are sad that we must put this celebration online, but we are also glad that we can help our graduates celebrate their successes sooner.

Campus Visits Now Available

Local government authorities have granted us permission to allow campus visits by appointment. Some of our new incoming students have not yet been able to visit campus in person, so we are very excited to offer them a tour of campus!

Schedule a Visit

If you have any questions about visiting campus, email our Associate Director of Visit Services, Taylor Detviler, at [email protected].

We will continue to send updates every two weeks. If you have questions, please contact [email protected] or visit We pray for your continued safety and good health, and we eagerly await your return to campus so we can be #CUItogether!

For His Students,

Dr. Michael Thomas

Michael A. Thomas, Ph.D.
President, Concordia University Irvine

April 28, 2020

CUI to welcome students back to campus for Fall 2020

April 28, 2020

‘For I know the plans I have for you,’ declares the Lord, ‘plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.’

Jeremiah 29:11

Concordia Students and Families,

I am reaching out to you to address the question on everyone’s minds: Will our students be able to return to campus for the Fall 2020 semester? I want to reassure you that it is our full intention to re-open the campus for the start of the new academic year, in accordance with all local, state and federal guidelines.

In my many conversations with students in recent weeks, it is patently clear how much they miss the face-to-face interaction with their professors and the sense of community on campus. These are some of the hallmarks of the “Concordia Experience” and the reason why we are doing everything we can to bring the community back together as soon as it’s safe to do so.

The health and safety of our students, staff, and faculty is our number one priority. While much is still unknown about the path forward through this pandemic, CUI is committed to ensuring safe campus operations so that you will feel confident returning to the campus.

Concordia’s leaders are actively working on plans to welcome you back to the campus. While we cannot foresee the situation in the fall, we are working on a variety of options that will enable us to operate safely. These include modified configurations and practices to enable social distancing in the residence halls, classrooms, labs, chapel, dining facilities, etc. Concordia’s emphasis on small class sizes is a distinct benefit here, making the potential for classroom restrictions easier to plan for. CUI’s leadership team will continue to communicate with the campus community as decisions are made and details are available.

CUI is very fortunate to have a dynamic infrastructure that enables flexible class delivery, for both our undergraduate and graduate programs. Our faculty and academic support teams have done amazing work when asked to begin teaching remotely on very short notice this spring semester. While we intend to resume face-to-face instruction in the fall for undergraduates, our dedicated team is planning also for any instructional contingencies that may be necessary. At CUI, we offer fully online programs for graduate students. These courses will continue as usual this summer and beyond.

Our mission to be guided by the Great Commission of Christ Jesus and the Lutheran Confessions, empowering students through the liberal arts and professional studies for lives of learning, service and leadership will continue. We will work together, trusting in God’s grace, confident that we will emerge from this time stronger and unwavering in our commitment to fulfill our vocations to serve God’s people.

Concordia University Irvine has continually provided a holistic Lutheran Christian education to enable students to serve a world that is in desperate need of hope. Today, more than ever, this hope is needed!

May God bless you and your families during this most unprecedented time!

For His Students,

Dr. Michael Thomas

Michael A. Thomas, Ph.D.
President, Concordia University Irvine

April 21, 2020

Updates on Financial Aid, SAT/ACT waiver, and extended Enrollment deposit deadline

April 21, 2020

It is hard to believe that the semester is almost at an end. Members of our community have been busy on multiple fronts - finishing up coursework, completing final projects, planning virtual events, finding ways to connect with and support one another, and planning for the weeks and months ahead. We specifically wanted to share some campus news and update you on the status of several key university operations.

If you have any questions, please email [email protected].

April 6, 2020

Concordia University Irvine received reports of three positive cases of COVID-19

April 6, 2020

Concordia University Irvine received reports of three positive cases of COVID-19 from a student, a faculty member, and a staff member. All of them are recovering and self-isolating at home. The student has not been on campus since the end of February. The deployed faculty member last visited the campus four weeks ago. Close contacts of the staff member within the CUI community have been notified and are on self-quarantine.

In accordance with health privacy laws, we cannot disclose the identities or personal information of the cases above. We are doing everything we can to support the individuals through what is undoubtedly a difficult time.

Please continue to stay at home. If you have to go out in public for essential activities such as shopping for groceries, caring for a loved one, seeking medical attention, or working in essential roles, please observe social distancing, wash your hands, and use a face covering in public settings.

Please also continue to hold up our community in prayer, especially those affected by the virus, during this critical time. We know that God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble. Psalm 46:1.

If you have any questions, please email [email protected].

Financial Aid

Concordia University Irvine understands that families’ financial circumstances may have changed due to COVID-19. The Financial Aid Office is committed to partnering with you during this unprecedented time by reviewing your eligibility for financial aid and, where allowable, to adjust financial aid packages. If your eligibility allows for federal and/or state aid, additional documentation will be required. The Financial Aid Office will work hard to make this process as smooth as possible.

Families may submit the Loss of Income Due to COVID-19 through Google Doc or complete the fillable PDF and submit to [email protected]. Please note, changes or anticipated changes to income may not always result in a change to the financial aid offer, or may result in a one-semester revision that will be re-evaluated. Our staff is committed to working with each student who has concerns about their individual circumstances.  Specific questions can be directed to the Financial Aid Office.  Our office will notify you within 10 business days upon review of this information and what next steps are to follow.

Continuity of Instruction for Students

As of Monday, March 23, all student coursework has transitioned online, with the exception of some internships, practicums, and other external practical experience courses.

  • For questions and assistance regarding online coursework, visit the Student Guidance for Continuity of Instruction resource page, which is updated frequently.
  • For questions regarding internships, practicums, and related external experience courses, contact your faculty advisor.

Remote Work for Employees

Concordia University Irvine employees were previously instructed to work remotely through March 31, with a return to work date set for Wednesday, April 1. Due to the present shelter-in-place guideline instituted within the state of California, remote work has been extended indefinitely. Once the shelter-in-place guideline has been lifted, university leadership will communicate a new date of return to work.

Mail Services

The Mail Room is still receiving and sending mail. Hours of operation are from 10 am - 2 pm, Monday through Friday. Mail will not be delivered, but can be picked up from 1-2 pm, Monday through Friday. Department supervisors have been asked to designate an employee to pick up mail. Residential students remaining on campus may pick up mail between 1-2 pm, Monday through Friday.

Building Access

Beginning Monday, March 23, all buildings on campus will be locked. In order to gain access to any campus building, you will need to contact Campus Safety dispatch at (949) 214-3000 for key assistance.

Spiritual Care

Although we are apart, our campus community continues to come together in prayer and to share God’s word. New chapel podcasts are posted every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. All podcasts can be found at by clicking the podcast banner. To submit a prayer request, email [email protected]. In the days ahead, more spiritual resources will be forwarded to the campus community.

March 24, 2020

New Grading Options for Spring 2020

March 24, 2020

For Spring 2020 courses, traditional undergraduate students now have two additional grading options.

  1. The deadline to withdraw from one or more courses has been extended to Friday, April 24. This is the last instructional day before final exams week. This applies to courses taken for the major, minor, Q&I, and electives.
  2. After final exams and final grades are submitted on May 5, you may elect a Pass or No Pass (P/NP) grade in one or more of your courses. This includes courses that were taken for the major, minor, Q&I, and electives. Students have one week after final grades are submitted to select this option.

To withdraw from a course, fill out the Undergraduate Course Withdrawal Form as instructed and submit it to the Registrar’s Office by Friday, April 24.

To select the Pass or No Pass option, fill out the Student Grade Change: Pass/No Pass, Spring 2020 form as instructed and submit it to the Registrar’s Office between Wednesday, May 6 and Tuesday, May 12. This form (which must be authenticated through your Eagles email account) will be available on the Registrar’s website on Tuesday, May 5.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do Pass (P) and No Pass (NP) grades equate to?

P grades equate to a C- or higher grade and give credit for the course. NP grades equate to a D+ or lower grade; no credit is given for the course.

Do Pass and No Pass grades impact my GPA?

No. A student’s GPA is not impacted by a P or NP grade. While letter grades come with “grade points” (e.g., A = 4.0, B = 3.0, etc.), P and NP grades do not come with grade points. They are neutral in calculating the GPA.

What is the difference between a W and NP?

A W simply signals that a student withdrew from a course; it does not signal why or what the final grade could or would have been. An NP grade signals that the student did not pass the course. Neither the W or the NP option impact the student’s GPA.

Can graduating seniors use P/NP grades?

Yes, since a P grade satisfies the grade requirement for passing a course and earning credit. However, an NP grade does neither. Turning a low passing grade (e.g., D) into a NP could cause a problem with fulfilling graduation requirements. If you have questions, contact Sarah Anderson, the Senior Records Coordinator for Graduation and Degree Audits ([email protected]).

Can international students use P/NP grades?

Yes. If you have questions, contact Faith McKinney, the Senior Director of the Moon International Center ([email protected]).

Can student-athletes use P/NP grades?

Yes, so long as a student-athlete earns a passing grade for satisfactory progress toward the degree (as defined by the NCAA). If you have questions, contact Sarah Anderson, the Athletic Eligibility Coordinator ([email protected]).

Can students on the GI Bill use P/NP grades?

Possibly. Students on the GI Bill must earn grades of A-F or P for at least 12 units to avoid repaying some of their GI Bill funds. Any student on the GI Bill who wishes to use a P/NP grade should contact Steve Leader, the Director of the Veterans Resource Center ([email protected]).

Can I use P/NP grades for EDUC and EDSP courses?

No. Because these are credential courses in an approved California Commission on Teaching Credentialing (CTC) program, students must earn a letter grade of B- or higher to pass these courses. A grade of P does not count. For more information on EDUC and EDSP courses, contact Professor Heather Vezner ([email protected]).

Can I use the P/NP option for a course in which I have an incomplete grade?

No. Incomplete grades (IC or IF) permit students additional time to complete their coursework for a letter grade.

Can I use the P/NP option for a repeat course?

Yes. If you select a P/NP grade for a repeat course, the repeat will be honored in place of the previous course grade, but the P/NP will not factor into your GPA.

Can I use the P/NP option if I am on academic probation?

Yes, but any course with a P or NP grade would not help you raise your semester GPA.

Can I use the W or NP option in a course I failed due to academic dishonesty?


Will my institutional scholarship be affected by P/NP grades?

No. P and NP grades do not factor into the GPA. As long as you meet the GPA standard for the institutional scholarship, you will retain the scholarship. Federal and state aid have their own requirements tied to satisfactory academic progress. Courses with an NP grade receive no units and could impact your ability to maintain satisfactory academic progress. If you have questions, contact [email protected].

Can I be harmed academically or financially if, by withdrawing from one or more courses, I move to part-time status?

Possibly. To ensure this does not happen, you need to fill out the Drop to Part-Time Request form and speak with relevant offices listed on the form (e.g., Financial Aid, Veterans Resource Center, Athletic Eligibility Coordinator) before finalizing your plans to withdraw from one or more classes. The deadline for filing and submitting this form is the same as the new W deadline: Friday, April 24.

Can I be on the Dean’s List and receive an Academic Commendation if I use the P/NP option?

Yes, if you take at least 12 units for letter grades (A-F) in Spring 2020 and satisfy the GPA standards for the Dean’s List and Academic Commendation.

How will P/NP grades affect my plans to go to graduate school?

There is no clear answer at this point in time. Many universities are offering students the option of P/NP grades in Spring 2020, so the expectation is that graduate schools would understand this scenario and accordingly contextualize the grades of potential graduate students. What a particular university or graduate department will do, however, is unknown. If you have questions, contact the graduate schools you intend to apply to and ask them directly.

Will P/NP grades affect professional qualifications?

Possibly. Some professional certifications or licenses might require you to earn a letter grade of C or higher on certain courses. If you are seeking a certification or license, contact your program director, chair, or dean before using the P/NP grade option.

Can I change my mind to get a letter grade (A-F) in a course after I decided to take a W or P/NP grade?

No. Once a student has submitted the proper form to take a W or P/NP grade in a given course, that decision is final.

How can I figure out what my GPA would be with different final grade options?

Use this GPA calculator and follow its instructions. Remember that a W, P, or NP grade would not be factored into the GPA calculation since they do not come with grade points.

March 23, 2020

Information about housing and dining credits, storage and shipment of personal belongings

March 23, 2020

As we enter a new week, we wanted to update you on the status of several key university operations. We pray that you are staying healthy and taking care of yourselves spiritually and physically.

For information about housing and dining credits, storage and shipment of personal belongings, and contact information for student-service related departments, please see the March 17 update.

For questions about campus operations, student and employee resources, or other general inquiries, please email [email protected].

But those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint(Isaiah 40:31).

March 17, 2020

CUI to close the campus and limit operations to essential staff and services only

March 17, 2020

At this time, university leadership has made the difficult decision to close the campus and limit operations to essential staff and services only. We believe that a shelter in place order is imminent for our area in the days ahead, as there is now evidence of community transmission in Orange County.

This situation is continually evolving and it is strongly encouraged that you should leave campus as quickly as possible and return to your permanent address. Should the city, county, or state impose further restrictions, this will severely impact, or prevent, your ability to leave. See information below about leaving items behind. We are directing students to leave campus by Thursday, March 19, by 5:00 pm.

If there is a compelling reason why you cannot return home, you may apply to stay. For those who must remain on campus, we are committed to maintaining food and other basic services for you. See information below about how to proceed with checking out of the residence halls, how to apply to remain on campus, and information about other university services.

Please note: Information below regarding Housing and Dining Credit has been updated to include clarifying details from what was previously posted.

Housing and Dining Credit: Updated

Leaving campus on or before March 19, 2020

Your prorated credit of housing and meal plan fees, for the period from March 19, 2020 through the end of the term, will be credited to your student account in May and applied against Fall 2020-2021 housing and meal plan charges. If you are a graduating senior in the Spring 2020 term, credits will be issued in May.

Approved extension beyond March 19, 2020

Your prorated credit of housing and meal plan fees, from your confirmed move out date through the end of the term, will be credited to your student account in May and applied against your Fall 2020-2021 housing and meal plan charges. If you are a graduating senior in the Spring 2020 term, credits will be issued in May.

Approved exception to stay through the end of spring semester

Those who receive an approved exception to stay through the end of spring semester will not receive a credit for housing or meal plan fees.

Please contact [email protected] if you have questions and/or Spring payment plans inquiries. Additional information will be posted to as it becomes available.

Personal Property Storage and Shipping

Concordia University Irvine recognizes that certain circumstances warrant the need for individuals to leave behind personal property in an effort to vacate the residence halls before the noted time of 5:00 pm on Thursday, March 19, 2020. In an effort to support those who have to leave property behind, we are working to develop formal processes to manage this personal property. This is not a process of convenience and is only being provided for those who have had to vacate items in an effort to leave in a hurry or who were unable to return to campus to retrieve belongings. After 5:00 pm on March 19, 2020, we will evaluate all rooms where residents have moved out. Rooms approved for extension beyond the checkout date will not be evaluated until the student moves out. Should items be left in a room by a checked out resident, the university will inventory, box, and label personal property.

To provide clarity about what students can expect in this process, the following information is provided:

Retrieval of personal property

Students who have left campus, but not officially checked out and still have items remaining in their room should initiate check-out procedures and retrieve their belongings by the check-out deadline of Thursday, March 19, by 5:00 pm.

Should a student be unable to retrieve personal property by the checkout date, the student can work with the university to gain access to their space for removal of items. Please contact [email protected] to arrange a time for pick up of items. There will be no charge to hold items until April 1, 2020.

Arrangements for storage and shipping must be communicated to [email protected] by April 1, 2020. If no request for storage or shipping is communicated by April 1, items will be considered abandoned and donated to a shelter.

Inventory and boxing of items

Once the inventory and boxing period begins after April 1, University Services staff will enter all vacated rooms and inventory any items remaining and box up items. Boxes will be tagged and noted as property of the name of the resident student. Items will remain in the room awaiting guidance from the student on whether the items should be stored until a later date or sent out for shipping. There will be a charge of $100 per student to box all items.

See the Item Shipping section below for details on shipping. If you prefer to use a third party for storage and moving solutions, U-Haul is offering special rates at this time: visit

Item storage

We will begin charging for storage on April 1, 2020. Any student with items left on campus will be charged $75 per month (or portion thereof) for storage of items. The student will be billed to their student account the amount covering the period of time between the official start date and the date their belongings are retrieved or shipped, whatever comes first. Items will be held in storage until August 16, 2020 for students who have requested campus storage.

Item shipping

A student may opt to have their items shipped once items have been inventoried, boxed, and labeled. The university will only ship items that can fit into standard sized moving boxes. The student will be billed the total cost for shipping of items, as well as any monthly rate for storage, starting the first day of the storage period and ending the date of shipping. Items must be shipped on or before May 1, 2020.

Abandoned property

Any personal property that is not claimed, or for which arrangements for storage have not been communicated by April 1, will be considered abandoned and donated to a local shelter.

We recognize that these are very difficult times and students are facing many challenges. We will continue to make every attempt to make these processes convenient and be supportive of students with special circumstances. Should any adjustments be made to these policies and procedures, timely notification will be made. If you have any further questions please email [email protected].

Food Service

For students and essential staff remaining on campus, Bon Appétit has already instituted a Grab-and-Go service. Community members may pick up meals at the cafeteria, but cafeteria seating will not be available beginning Wednesday morning, March 18. Beginning Friday morning, March 20, individuals will be allowed into the cafeteria in groups of 10. Community members are strongly advised to observe social distance guidelines during mealtimes.

Public Spaces Closed, effective Wednesday morning, March 18

  • Chapel
  • CU Active fitness center
  • CU Arena (gymnasium and weight room)
  • Library
  • Founders Bookstore

Offices Closed, with service remaining remotely by email and online through April 1, unless further guidance is provided

Update: Chapels moving forward will be podcasted audio recordings (not live-streamed) by speakers 5-10 minutes in length on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays.

Wellness Center

Health Services will remain open to serve only the students who are approved to stay in housing.

  • Wellness Center Hours: Monday-Friday, 9am-4pm. Phone number: (949) 214-3102. You must call ahead for an appointment if you have, or suspect that you have, a fever, or if you have a cough.
  • Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) will not be providing face-to-face counseling at this time. Students who are currently in counseling will be contacted for the option of telehealth for consistency of care and provided referrals when appropriate. Students in crisis should call the National Suicide Prevention Line at (800) 273-8255, use the crisis text line by texting “help” to 741-741, call 911, or go to the local hospital emergency room. A list of local counseling referrals can be found on the Wellness Center website.

He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will abide in the shadow of the Almighty. I will say to the Lord, 'My refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust.' For he will deliver you from the snare of the fowler and from the deadly pestilence. He will cover you with his pinions, and under his wings you will find refuge; his faithfulness is a shield and buckler.(Psalm 91:1-4)

March 16, 2020

Developments surrounding COVID-19 regarding Events, Housing, Library, and Food Service

March 16, 2020

As you are no doubt aware, regional and national developments surrounding COVID-19 continue to change rapidly. We will continue to keep you informed of new decisions and updates regarding our campus response via email and on our website Please direct any general questions or comments about items not covered below to [email protected]; our leadership team will respond as quickly as possible.


  • Chapel will continue with appropriate social distancing maintained. The Chapel staff is exploring options for alternative worship formats in the days ahead. View Livestream »
  • Campus events (e.g. athletics, theatre, arts, etc.) are cancelled through May 1. This may be extended as circumstances and guidelines change.
  • Academic courses previously taught face-to-face will commence online starting Wednesday, March 18. These transitioning classes will not be in session March 16 and 17; however, existing online courses will be offered as scheduled.
    • Please refer to Student Guidance for Instructional Continuity and check this document daily for updated information.
    • Students who do not already own or have regular access to a laptop or tablet they can use for online education should contact Kevin Black in Financial Aid to discuss possible solutions.
  • Commencement is being postponed until August 8, 2020. The previously scheduled Nursing Commencement will remain on August 15, 2020. More information will be communicated and posted at as details become available.


Our residence halls remain open with services in place. Students who want or need to remain on campus are welcome to continue to do so. For questions pertaining to housing, please contact Gilbert Fugitt, Dean of Students, at [email protected] or (949) 214-3057.


The library remains open with services in place. Students who do not have laptops or tablets are encouraged to use the library computers for class-related work if needed. Please maintain a 6-foot distance in all seating areas, as in other public areas of campus. For questions pertaining to the library, please contact [email protected] or (949) 214-3090.

Food Services

Food services will remain open, with the following modifications:

  • All self-service of food is suspended.
  • Food is being plated and served by Bon Appétit staff members.
  • To-go containers are available at no extra charge.
  • Individuals will be asked to maintain a 6-foot distance in all seating areas; table placards remind all diners of this CDC recommendation.
  • More seating areas adjacent to the main cafeteria are being opened to allow for appropriate social distancing.
  • Bon Appétit is ready to transition to “Grab-and-Go” food service, if necessary.

Thank you for your continued patience and understanding as we continue to modify our operations.

In uncertain times like these, we pray that you find St. Paul’s words to the Roman Christians particularly comforting:

For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worth comparing with the glory that is to be revealed to us…. For I am sure that neither death nor life, nor angels nor rulers, nor things present nor things to come, nor powers, nor height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord.(Romans 8:18, 38-39 ESV)

March 13, 2020

An employee in the 3333 Michelson Drive Bldg (Park Place campus) tests positive for COVID-19

March 13, 2020

We were informed today by Park Place Building Management, the office-site location that houses our Department of Nursing, that an employee in the 3333 Michelson Drive Bldg tested positive for COVID-19. That person is presently being monitored by the Orange County Health Care Agency. The last day that this person reported for work was March 6, 2020. The individual is not affiliated with Concordia’s Nursing program and did not enter their offices. The Nursing classrooms are in an adjacent building in the same complex with shared facilities, like entrances and cafeteria.

Due to possible exposure to COVID-19, all Nursing faculty, staff, and students were recommended to go on self-quarantine, effective immediately, until March 20, 2020.

At this time, there is no cause for concern and no need for further quarantine among faculty, staff, and students who work, attend classes, or live in the residence halls on our main campus at 1530 Concordia West.

If you visited the Park Place facility or interacted with any Nursing faculty, staff, or students in the past week, please alert us by email: [email protected] for students and [email protected] for faculty and staff. Again, there is no need for self-quarantine at this time. We will contact individuals who interacted with Nursing faculty, staff, or students if anyone who is now on self-quarantine is diagnosed with COVID-19.

We care about your health and safety, and will continue to provide regular updates regarding possible exposures within our campus community. If you have further questions or concerns, you can email the COVID-19 Response Team at [email protected].

A Message from the Office of the President

As regional and national developments continue surrounding COVID-19, we want to keep you informed of new decisions and updates regarding our campus response. This situation continues to change day by day; please check your Eagles email and frequently for the most up-to-date official information.

At times like this, rumors start to fly, and it’s easy for inaccurate information to spread. Please consider the source of any information you receive, and please think carefully before forwarding it to others. Please direct any general questions or comments about items not covered below to [email protected]; our leadership team will respond as quickly as possible.


All students will receive a separate email today with detailed instructions about our transition to online instruction, which officially begins on Wednesday, March 18. Please use the time between now and then to use some of the tutorial materials provided so that you can increase your knowledge and skills in the use of online learning tools.


All CUI Athletics games, competitions, and practices are cancelled for the remainder of the Spring semester. The NCAA has cancelled all events, and the PacWest Conference has suspended all events through March 30. For athletics updates, visit

CU Active, the weight room, and Open Gym hours will remain available to all students.

Arts Events

All rehearsals, concerts and performances are cancelled for the remainder of the Spring semester, with the exception of Junior/Senior Recitals. No outside attendees will be allowed at recitals, except immediate family members. Live-streaming will be made available for students who have opted to return home for the remainder of the semester. Contact Jeff Held, Assistant Dean, School of Arts and Sciences with any additional questions.

Chapel Worship

Regularly-scheduled morning Chapel services will continue. Please observe the standard 6-foot social distance guidelines if you choose to attend.

Other Events

A decision about Commencement will be communicated next week. All mission and service trips have been postponed through summer. To check on the status of other university-sponsored campus events and activities, contact academic program leadership or the Office of Student Affairs.

Wellness Center Update

As with every other cold/flu season, CUI does have procedures in place to isolate students who are ill or who need to self-quarantine, both for on-campus and off-campus residents. Please be respectful of the privacy of others.

  • Presently, CUI does have two students in isolation with illnesses not related to COVID-19.
  • A member of the CUI community is under self-quarantine off campus after possible exposure to COVID-19 on a recent trip abroad. The individual has not been on campus since returning from the trip.
  • The Wellness Center remains open Monday-Friday 9am-4pm, for both medical and counseling services. Please visit for more information and psychological tips on managing COVID-19.
  • Students who have a fever, or believe they have a fever, should call the Wellness Center ahead of time at (949) 214-3102, so that they can be screened by phone, and minimize their wait time.

Please continue to hold one another up in prayer, reach out to friends who are experiencing anxiety and fear, and know that the faculty and staff are here to support all of you. We cherish the promises our Lord has given: Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand (Isaiah 41:10).

March 12, 2020

Concordia University Irvine cancels face-to-face instruction effective Friday, March 13

March 12, 2020
A Message from the Office of the President

We have been closely monitoring the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak and understand the fear and uncertainty that this health crisis has created for the Concordia University Irvine community and beyond.

Out of an abundance of caution for the entire campus community and the broader community, Concordia University Irvine is cancelling face-to-face instruction effective Friday, March 13 and will transition instruction to online formats effective Wednesday, March 18.

The safety of our students and employees is our top priority. While CUI's campus remains open, and no cases of COVID-19 have been reported on our campus, we have activated this response to limit the spread of the virus. In accordance with the advisory issued recently by the California Department of Public Health and Governor Gavin Newsom, the University has taken the actions that are listed below. However, this situation remains very fluid. Members of the CUI COVID-19 Response Team are in constant, close communication with local and statewide healthcare agencies. We will be issuing regular updates in the coming days.

Continuity of Instruction Plan

  • Starting Friday, March 13, all face-to-face and hybrid classes are cancelled to allow a smooth and orderly transition to the online format. These classes will resume online on Wednesday, March 18.
  • Existing online courses will continue without disruption.
  • All CUI classes will remain online until the end of finals week for the Spring Semester.
  • Clinicals, internships, selected labs, student placements, and service-learning opportunities will continue unless otherwise specified by the Department Chair and/or Dean. We will monitor these areas subject to public health agency guidance and input from community partners.
  • Students should regularly check their Eagles email for communication from professors and staff regarding instructions for online coursework.

Continuity of Housing and Food Service

  • Concordia University Irvine is committed to maintaining continuity of campus operations for students.
  • The residence halls remain open. We are not asking students in our residence halls to move out, and they are welcome to remain on campus.
  • Students may choose to return home at their discretion.
  • Food services will remain open, with the following modifications:
    • All self-service of food will be suspended.
    • Food will be plated and served by Bon Appetit staff members.
    • To-go containers will also be made available at no extra charge.
    • Individuals will be asked to maintain a 6-foot distance in all seating areas.

Guidance for Events on Campus

  • Chapel will continue, with the following modifications:
    • To enforce social distancing, students, faculty, and staff will be asked to sit 6 feet apart.
  • In accordance with present NCAA guidelines, athletic competitions will continue, with the following modifications:
    • Games and competitions will continue until further notification.
    • No off-campus spectators will be allowed.
    • To enforce social distancing, students, parents, faculty, and staff attending athletic events will be asked to sit 6 feet apart.
  • On-campus music, theatre, and other special events scheduled between Friday, March 13 and Tuesday, March 17 are cancelled. We will continue to evaluate options and announce the status of future events at a later date.

Guidance for Individuals who are ill or who are in High-Risk Groups

  • If you are ill, stay home or stay in your dorm room. Do not go to class. Contact the Wellness Center for a same-day appointment (949-214-3102).
  • Students who have underlying health conditions that put them at risk for complications from COVID-19 are encouraged to reach out to the Wellness Center for guidance.
  • Students who are at high risk and who wish to pursue alternative education arrangements should contact the Wellness Center. Similar alternative accommodations are being offered to our faculty and staff.

The Concordia University Irvine community is understandably experiencing various emotional responses to the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus. Fear, anxiety, sorrow, worry, uncertainty are all very normal responses. However, Concordia is a community and a family. We care deeply for one another. Please hold one another up in prayer, reach out to friends who are experiencing anxiety and fear, and know that the faculty and staff are here to support all of you. During these times, we also should lean upon our Lord Jesus Christ.

The Psalmist reminds us where to turn when we are feeling scared and fearful: God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble. Therefore, we will not fear. (Psalm 46:1-2a). May God provide you and your families a measure of comfort and strength in the coming days.

For His Students,
Dr. Michael A Thomas
President of Concordia University Irvine

March 11, 2020

No confirmed cases of the COVID-19 coronavirus on the CUI campus

March 11, 2020

We continue to monitor and respond to the COVID-19 outbreak and are planning for a range of scenarios as well as short- and longer-term impacts. At this time there are no confirmed cases of the COVID-19 coronavirus on the CUI campus. All operations and classes continue as normal.

These are challenging times, and we want to assure you that we are in regular contact with Orange County Health Care Agency officials and the California Department of Public Health. In keeping with the most recent guidance from the CDC for institutions of higher education with no identified cases on campus, CUI classes are continuing without interruption. We recognize that such guidelines can change as circumstances evolve in our area, and we will keep the community apprised of any changes.

March 5, 2020

Governor Newsom declares a state of emergency in California

March 5, 2020

Governor Newsom has declared a state of emergency in California to ensure that resources are made available to properly respond to COVID-19. Although there are cases throughout the state, there has not been an identified cluster. The first death in the state due to COVID-19 was in San Francisco, which is over 400 miles north of CUI. It is also projected that nationally, reported cases will go up as testing is expanded and becomes more available.

There have been confirmed cases this week in Orange County that were related to a recent travel to a geographic area of high risk. Orange County Health Care Agency (OCHCA) assures the public that the risk of local transmission remains low in our community.

CUI has no confirmed case at this time and is operating normally. CUI administrators continue to monitor the rapidly evolving situation and are working closely with our health care agency partners.

For those returning from Spring Break, please check the CDC Travel Information as guidelines constantly change in regards to potential restrictions upon your return.

March 3, 2020

CUI continues operating normally, closely monitoring the situation regarding (COVID-19)

March 3, 2020

Dear Concordia Community,
Concordia University Irvine (CUI) continues to closely monitor the situation regarding the coronavirus (COVID-19). As our team of administrators continues to work with local, state and federal agencies, we wanted to bring you the latest update.

CUI continues operating normally. There is no confirmed COVID-19 case—student, faculty, or staff member—at Concordia at this time. Classes and events continue as scheduled.

Yesterday, key CUI staff members participated in a conference call with the Orange County Health Care Agency (OCHCA) led by OCHCA’s Medical Director of the Division of Epidemiology and Assessment. He shared the latest information and guidance on novel coronavirus (Covid-19).

OCHCA is working with federal, state, and local partners including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the California Department of Public Health (CDPH), and health care providers to prepare and to care for individuals who may be at risk or have tested positive for COVID-19. According to the OCHCA, there is no recommendation in Orange County to cancel school, business or community events at this time. Should a decision, in the future, need to be made to close a college or university, this decision would come from the Orange County Health Care Agency. While our health care agency partners remind us that one patient case at CUI, for instance, does not equal a campus closure, our key staff members are working together to create a contingency plan. It’s important to note that Orange County has had only one confirmed case of coronavirus. That individual, OC Health Care Agency officials report, has fully recovered. The case has no evidence of person-to-person transmission and risk of infection to the public in Orange County is still considered to be low.

Guidelines Remain the Same

Just like any regular flu season, it’s important that you continue to take precautionary measures to protect yourself and others from viral illnesses:

  • Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.
  • Don’t touch your face, eyes, nose, mouth.
  • Cover your cough and sneeze with a tissue or your elbow.
  • Avoid close contact with people who are sick.
  • Stay home if you develop flu-like symptoms (fever, sore throat, cough, body aches) and seek medical help if needed.
  • Disinfect surfaces (door handles, desk) and shared equipment (phone, keyboard, mouse, etc.).

Look for hand sanitizer stations located around campus for your convenience. Visit the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention for handwashing guidelines.

New Wellness Center Guidelines

For students, there are new Wellness Center guidelines. From now until the end of this semester (Spring 2020), you must call ahead for an appointment if you have, or suspect that you have a fever, or have concerns that you may have been exposed to the coronavirus. This gives Wellness Center workers the ability to assess your risk over the phone, minimizing your time in the waiting room. You can reach the Wellness Center at (949) 214-3102 during normal business Monday-Friday 9 a.m.- 4p.m. If we’re away from our desk, leave a message with a good callback number; we regularly check our messages during normal business hours. If you believe that you have a fever after the Wellness Center has closed, call the Nurse Helpline on your insurance card, if available, or go to the nearest urgent care. If you have no insurance, go to the nearest hospital. Please note that the Wellness Center is not set-up for emergency or after-hours services. CUI is not liable for medical expenses incurred off campus. For all other visits to the Wellness Center, you may still walk-in for a same-day appointment. For urgent medical concerns, please call 911, or go to the nearest hospital.

Travel Guidelines

Students, if you traveled outside of the United States during Spring break and developed flu-like symptoms (fever and cough) within two weeks of your return, contact the Wellness Center by calling ahead for an appointment (949) 214-3102. Currently, travelers from China are on a mandatory 14-day quarantine; please let us know if you travelled to China. The Centers for Disease Control & Prevention recommends that travelers avoid nonessential travel.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, COVID-19 is an emerging disease, and there is more to learn about its transmission, severity, and how it will take shape in the United States. In the meantime, everyone can do their part to prepare and respond to this emerging public health situation. Thank you for your consideration. We’ll continue to share updates as they become available.

Here are some helpful links:

Stay healthy.

Michelle Laabs, MSN, FNP-C
Wellness Center
Concordia University Irvine

February 27, 2020

Orange County officials declare a local health emergency

February 27, 2020

Orange County officials declared a local health emergency yesterday in response to COVID-19 infections worldwide. The move was in relation to the public uproar when federal & state agencies proposed the use of a state-owned site in Costa Mesa, a city in Orange County. There is no outbreak of COVID-19 in Orange County nor is there any new confirmed case. The Orange County Health Care Agency (OCHCA) assures the public that the risk of local transmission remains low.

There is no confirmed COVID-19 case at CUI at this time and no interruption of classes and events. CUI has a pandemic plan in place and is being revisited to make modifications in response to COVID-19. The Moon International Center is monitoring the situation abroad and responding accordingly. The Wellness Center continues to work with local public health department and with American College Health Association in response to the rapidly evolving situation.

February 3, 2020

Orange County Health Care Agency Coronavirus Guidelines for Schools, Colleges & Universities

February 3, 2020

Orange County Health Care Agency Coronavirus Guidelines for Schools, Colleges & Universities

January 27, 2020

Coronavirus Health Advisory

January 27, 2020

Dear Concordia community--
As of today, there is a confirmed case of the 2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) in Orange County. We have been informed that the individual is not a Concordia University Irvine student, faculty or staff member. We have learned that the individual acquired the infection directly from Wuhan, China, where this virus was first identified. The individual traveled to the US right before China closed their airport and banned travel from that city. While the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is closely monitoring events, the Orange County Health Care Agency (OCHCA) assures the public that the risk of local transmission remains low.

However, we take the health and safety of our students, faculty and staff seriously. Since the virus is new, there is still more to learn about how it spreads and how it can be prevented. For now, it seems like the incubation period is 14 days, although this number may change in the next few days as we learn more about it. If you have recently traveled or have been in close contact with someone who recently traveled to Wuhan, China, please contact the Wellness Center at (949) 214-3102 or [email protected] and we will assist you in monitoring your symptoms. According to the OCHCA, the coronavirus is spread, similarly to other illnesses like the flu and common cold, through coughing or sneezing by those who already have it. Symptoms can include fever, coughing and difficulty breathing. Concordia’s Wellness Center receives regular updates from OCHCA regarding the novel coronavirus along with recommendations for our Nurse Practitioners on surveillance, treatment, and reporting.

If you develop a fever, cough, body aches, sore throat or other flu-like symptoms without a recent travel to Wuhan, China, it is highly unlikely that it is due to the novel coronavirus and more likely that it is from the seasonal cold and flu virus.

CUI guidelines recommend observing these common precautionary measures to protect yourself and others from viral illnesses:

    • wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds
    • use hand sanitizers if water is not available
    • avoid touching your eyes, nose, mouth
    • cover your cough or sneeze
    • avoid close contact with people who are sick
    • stay home if you develop flu-like illness (fever, sore throat, cough, body aches) and seek medical help if needed
    • disinfect surfaces (door handles, desk) and shared equipment (phone, keyboard, mouse, etc.)

Next Steps
Concordia University Irvine staff will continue to closely monitor this situation and work with appropriate agencies. We will provide additional updates as needed. We’re here to answer your questions and concerns. Please don’t hesitate to contact CUI’s Wellness Center at (949) 214-3102 or at [email protected].

Michelle Laabs, MSN, FNP-C
Director, Student Health Services
Concordia University Irvine

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