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Automated External Defibrillators (AED) Program

Campus Safety

Objective of AED Program

Concordia University, Irvine has carefully placed 11 automated external defibrillators (AED) throughout its campus. The authorized (AED) program will enable targeted responders in a corporate setting to deliver early defibrillation to patients experiencing a sudden cardiac arrest. Responders’ use of the AED does not replace the care provided by professional emergency medical services (EMS) providers but is meant to provide a lifesaving bridge during the first few critical minutes it takes for advanced life support providers to arrive. Upon the arrival of EMS providers, patient care will be transferred.

Location of AED’s

Concordia University maintains eleven (11) automated external defibrillator units in the following locations:

  1. Good Shepherd Chapel (GSC) – Entryway on the left (west) wall
  2. Grimm Hall (GH) – South building, second floor across from the stairwell
  3. CU Center (CUC) – West entrance stage left
  4. CU Arena (Gym) – Southeast entrance, first floor by the training room
  5. Training Room – Portable AED for athletic trainers
  6. Administration – North-east entrance, first floor by stairwell
  7. Grimm Student Union (SU) – Center column of mailbox area facing room 201
  8. Beta Offices – North-east entrance, first floor by the drinking fountain
  9. Lower Quad Residence Halls – Epsilon, first floor next to the laundry room
  10. Sigma Residence Halls – Front (east) entrance by vending machines
  11. Rho Residence Halls – South-west entrance by Rho 126

For buildings not furnished with an AED, consult the table below for the designated AED location.

Building AED Location
Alpha Offices # 6 Administration
Grimm Hall North # 2 Grimm Hall
Library and Arts Department (LAT) # 2 Grimm Hall
Theatre # 3 CU Center
Performing Arts Annex (PAX) # 4 CU Arena
Hallerberg Building (Bookstore) # 4 CU Arena
Student Leadership Center (SLC or CSLD) # 7 Grimm Student Union
Upper Quad Residence Halls # 10 Sigma
Maintenance # 11 Rho

First Aid Kit Locations

A map of first aid cabinet locations is available for reference. First aid cabinets and blood-borne pathogens kits are stationed at the following locations:

  1. Good Shepherd Chapel – left of entrance near women’s restroom and bridal room
  2. Grimm Hall – North building, 1st-floor room 116 workroom
  3. Grimm Hall – North building, 2nd-floor room 207 workroom
  4. LAT – Library – staff workroom
  5. LAT – Arts Dept. – near room 023
  6. LAT – Theatre Dept. – back hallway near men’s dressing room and shop
  7. CU Center – lobby near restrooms
  8. SLC (CSLD) – in workroom near the sink
  9. Gym – CU Arena –first floor near the training room
  10. Grimm Student Union – Mail/Copy Center
  11. Beta Offices – room 106 conference room kitchen
  12. Alpha – room 106 workroom
  13. Administration – University Services – suite 120 reception area
  14. Administration – Human Resources – suite 200 by room 200B
  15. Founders’ Hall – Biology Lab – room 104 kitchen
  16. Founders’ Hall – Physics Lab – room 108
  17. Founders’ Hall – Chemistry Lab – room 208
  18. Founders’ Hall – Biology Lab – room 204
  19. Sigma Center – RES – 2nd-floor reception
  20. Facility Services (MA building) – office area
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