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Audition Requirements

To apply, students submit an online form and a sample of their work. Appropriate samples of work include:

For those focused on acting: two contrasting monologues that are 1 minute in length. The monologues may contrast each other by being classical/contemporary or perhaps comic/dramatic. Actors may also sing 32 bars of a song if they wish, but that is not required.

For those focused on technical theatre, design, or stage management: a portfolio showing work the student has done thus far submitted either in person or electronically. Materials might include photos, drawings, prompt books, cue sheets, light plots, working drawings, and renderings. The student will also be asked to conduct a short interview – either in person or over the phone.

Schedule an audition

Live auditions or design interviews can be arranged, especially if you plan to be on campus for CU Premiere on February 25, 2017. Please email your request to audition to [email protected].

Video Auditions: If you are unable to attend an audition in person, please send a video of your audition to the email address, [email protected]. Simply upload your video audition to YouTube, Vimeo, or any other convenient place for us to access your video and share the link.

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