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Eagles Helping Eagles Grant Fund

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Eagles Helping Eagles

The Eagles Helping Eagles Grant Fund is an application-based fund which invests in projects that benefit student life, and/or the Concordia community at large.

Each student club/org is invited to apply for a grant that will support their initiatives with preference given to funding projects that will have a lasting impact on campus by improving the students' educational experience.

Clubs/orgs can apply throughout the year and there is no limit on the amount a student club/org can request. The Eagles Helping Eagles Grand Fund Committee meets quarterly (October/January/ April/ July) to make recommendations to the Alumni Board of Directors for funding. Urgent requests that cannot wait until the next Board meeting may be considered by the Committee, subject to certain limitations.

This fund is funded by CUI's generous alumni family and managed by volunteers from the CUI Alumni Board who serve on the Eagles Helping Eagles Grant Fund committee.


The Eagles Helping Eagles Grant Fund is supported completely by donations from friends like you. Together, we can help future alumni through their CUI experience, becoming wise, honorable, and cultivated citizens. Every dollar counts!

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