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Director of Christian Education (DCE): Rachel Hoag ’20

July 07, 2021 - 1 minute read

Director of Christian Education (DCE)
Rachel Hoag ’20
DCE intern, St. Louis, Missouri

When I came to Concordia University Irvine I wasn’t sure of my path. I wanted to be a church worker but was navigating what that looked like and how my gifts and talents would be best used. My fellow students really helped me find my purpose and kept me accountable to rely on God for everything, small and big. On group projects and mission trips we bonded outside of class hours and really became a family. Those people became my forever friends and colleagues in ministry.

The DCE program at Concordia University Irvine does a great job of equipping people intellectually, professionally, and socially for the challenges of teaching different age groups for Christ, whether it’s in preschool, youth ministry or adult Bible studies. As a DCE intern now, I am well-equipped to go into those environments and reach people with the Gospel.

You possess the tools to be confident in what you’re teaching and to be a lifelong learner. Dive into the Word, think critically and take on that vocation God gives you.

Director of Christian Education (DCE)

A Director of Christian Education (DCE) is a called and commissioned lifespan educational leader prepared for team ministry. A DCE plans, administers and assesses ministry that nurtures and equips people in the Body of Christ for spiritual maturity, service and witness in home, job, congregation, community and the world. Concordia University Irvine’s Director of Christian Education Program equips leaders for ministry who are passionate about the Gospel, God’s people, and their calling.

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