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Graduate Learning Outcomes (GLOs)

Office of Business Intelligence

Graduate Learning Outcomes (GLOs)

Concordia University Irvine graduates will be able to demonstrate the following:

Scholarly Research

Generate scholarly research on problems and issues in their field of study.

Integrated Learning

Integrate knowledge and skills from current research, scholarship, and/or techniques in their field with other disciplines.

Ethical Leadership

Apply standards of ethics informed by Christian teachings as they fulfill their vocations as leaders within society.

Effective Communication

Elucidate disciplinary knowledge and findings in professional and academic contexts through written, oral, and digital media.

Reflective Practice

Balance Christian perspectives, evidence-based decision making, logical thinking, and consideration of human potential to take appropriate actions that advance their field.

Community Engagement

Assess and develop cogent positions on significant issues in their field to respond to diverse needs in their respective communities.

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