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S1 E38: The Neo-Babylonian Empire (History Suite)

February 26, 2021 - 3 minute read

Dr. Paul Elliott Headshot

The History Suite is embarking on a new series called “People and Places,” exploring peoples of the world and their history. This episode's guest is Rev. Dr. Paul Elliott, Associate Professor of Theology at CUI, author of a book on Ambrose of Milan and currently writing a commentary on the book of Habbakuk. With Rev. Dr. Elliott as our tour-guide, he takes us to the streets of ancient Babylon and points out the sights and sounds of the Neo-Babylonian Empire, including the Hanging Gardens, Ziggurats, beer, religion, money, and politics.

Dr. Elliott received his Ph.D. and M. Phil. from Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion and is the lead professor of Hebrew for Concordia University Irvine's Christ College. Dr. Elliott published “The Israel of God in the Sermon: Connecting Old Testament Texts to New Testament People” in Feasting in a Famine of the Word in 2016 and is preparing a commentary on the prophet Habakkuk.

For contemporary or near-contemporary sources on the Neo-Babylonian Empire see:

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