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Christ College Scholarship for Returning Students

Undergraduate Financial Aid

Christ College Scholarship for Returning Students

For Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod Professional Church Career Students

Application Deadline for full award for Returning Students: March 1, 2021

In order to encourage students to prepare for full-time service in church professions, Concordia University awards the Christ College Scholarship to qualified students who are members of an LCMS congregation and who intend to serve in a full time LCMS church career profession after graduation.

Returning Students: You MUST submit this completed form to The Christ College Program Coordinator by the appropriate date. You must have a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.50 for ALL college work, 2.8 GPA in certification course work, and must have applied to, and been accepted into one of Concordia’s church career programs: LCMS Teacher Education, LCMS Pre-Seminary, LCMS Director of Christian Education, LCMS Pre-Deaconess, or LCMS Director of Parish Music.

Applications received through March 1, will receive the full award. Applications received after March 1, but before July 1, will receive $1000 less than the full award. No applications will be accepted after July 1.

Christ College Scholarship Application: Returning Students

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