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Do you desire to grow as a disciple of Jesus Christ?

We believe that being intentional about discipleship is God's calling for every Christian. That's why we've built our ministry around 5 Core Values:

The Gospel

We live out our Lutheran identity as Christ-centered, evangelical people.


We implement dynamic preaching and excellence in the arts in order to offer innovative, vibrant and diverse worship experiences which center around Word and Sacrament.


We challenge believers to become fully-developed disciples of Jesus through the study of God's Word in small group settings.


We value each member of the Body of Christ as a uniquely-gifted child of God, and we eagerly desire their creative participation in all aspects of our ministry.


We boldly witness God's redeeming love through our words and acts of service. We accomplish this through relational ministry.

Growing in Discipleship

Jesus said, "Pick up your cross and follow me!" Make no mistake about it, this is a call to radical discipleship.

The values above show how the Campus Ministry will guide you in radical discipleship based on our Core Values. You can begin in regular Worship and a commitment to membership. Next, you will be Nurtured in God's Word, and encouraged to make a commitment to study God's Word regularly. Empowered by God's grace, we will help you to not only identify your spiritual gifts, but also to identify ministries in which you can use your gifts in acts of Service. Finally, as a fully-developed disciple, you will learn how to give regular Witness to our Savior in your daily life.

All this can only happen, however, by God's grace. As you are connected to His Word and Sacraments, God will strengthen your faith. He has also given you the gift of the Church, where disciples can encourage one another to grow.

We firmly believe that Christians aren't to live out their lives in isolation. If you are ready to grow in your faith through intentional discipleship, then get involved in Campus Ministry.

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