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Wings Consent Form

Academic Advising

Consent for Concordia University Irvine Enrollment Under WINGS Program

The WINGS program is a two year program dedicated to the education and support of distinguished students who have been invited to participate as a condition of their enrollment. The academic success of each student through the program is dependent on the commitment, coordination, cooperation and communication between students, parents, faculty and staff of Concordia University. In order to ensure student success, admission and enrollment at Concordia University is contingent on the participation in the WINGS program which will require each student to participate and comply with the requirements written below. Falling outside of compliance with any of the rules below will result in academic dismissal from the university

  • Participation in the WINGS Summer Bridge program and associated activities prior to the start of their first academic semester. (Note: Failure to attend program will result in being removed from all your courses and your admission being rescinded and is only required their first semester of attendance)
  • Maintain a GPA of 2.0 in all academic work (transferred or in residence). (Note: please refer to your academic catalog for more information regarding academic probation vs. good standing)
  • Attend WINGS Mentoring bi-weekly or as recommended by the Director of DEI and Success Coaching (Note: after the first full academic year, this will be reevaluated and independent plans will be created for the second academic year)
  • Participation and attendance in WINGS’ program activities as designated by the Director of DEI and Success Coaching
  • Attend Peer/Core Tutoring weekly or as recommended by the Director of DEI and Success Coaching (Note: this totals to about 7-8 sessions a semester).
  • Meet with their designated Academic Advisors during the first three weeks of Advising Season.
  • Attend at least 8 hours of study halls presented during midterms and finals week. (Note: 8 hours per study hall week offering)
  • Attend the mid and end of semester meeting with the Director of DEI and Success Coaching
  • You will have a faculty mentor to support you through the tenure of this contract.
  • IMPORTANT: Student academic eligibility will be reviewed at the end of each semester for the first two years and be contingent on student’s participation through the program.
Monique's signature

Monique C. Nunes, M.A.
Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and Success Coaching

Student: By signing below I understand that:

  • The Director of DEI and Success Coaching has authority to review my academic warnings and send my professor(s) Progress Reports to verify my attendance, participation, and standing in the course(s).
  • I can be academically dismissed if I fall out of compliance with any of the rules listed above.
  • I will have to schedule a time to meet with the Director of DEI and Success Coaching to review my eligibility to continue as a student at CUI.
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