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Bachelor of Science in Organizational Psychology

Townsend Institute at Concordia University Irvine

Apply Psychology to the Workplace

If you’re interested in understanding what makes people tick and helping them in the workplace, the Townsend Institute’s Bachelor of Science in Organizational Psychology could be the perfect fit for you. It’s a unique and versatile, fully online program. You’ll first learn skills that will help you advance in your career. Then you will learn how to help organizations perform at high levels. You will acquire marketable skills of building effective teams, developing leaders, motivating and engaging employees, promoting employee well-being and productivity, and creating a healthy workplace culture.

This degree can serve as an important stepping stone toward your own career advancement or a specialized career as a human resources generalist, training and development coordinator, labor relations, sales, or marketing analyst. This skill set is in demand – the U.S. Department of Labor projects a 53% growth in Organizational Psychology related careers. Also, if you have a vision for a graduate degree as well, this degree is part of the Institute’s graduate programs in Organizational Leadership, Executive Coaching & Consultation or Counseling.

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Personally Learn From Dr. John Townsend

Students enrolled in the Organizational Psychology bachelor’s degree program will:

  • Begin their program with a live webinar with Dr. Townsend.
  • Join a live webinar bimonthly where Dr. Townsend and Institute Fellows conduct a training, with time allotted for personal interaction through a Q&A time.
  • Engage with Dr. Townsend’s exclusive training videos and podcasts created for each course.
  • Gain access to white papers written by Dr. Townsend for topic areas that draw on his decades of experience in leadership development and consulting.
  • Be invited to the in-person Symposium on Concordia’s campus where Dr. Townsend speaks along with Institute Fellows. (These events are also live-streamed.)

Innovative Curriculum with Flexible Format

This highly relational curriculum is biblically based, neuroscience informed, experientially focused, and integrates the latest advances in online education that are equal to and some ways superior to face-to-face programs. You will connect to your professors and classmates through bi-weekly virtual classrooms and discussion board dialogues. With our flexible online delivery format, you can live and work anywhere and take all of your courses online to earn your bachelor’s degree.

Transformation through relational education

If you want to grow as a person, you are in the right place. Starting with your first course, you will learn Dr. Townsend’s Competence & Character Growth Model, which is integrated throughout the curriculum. You will have many assignments where you apply what you are learning to your personal life or career. As you connect with your classmates and faculty through live classrooms and discussion board dialogues, you discuss ways you are growing according to the Competence & Character Growth Plan that each student develops when they start the program.

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Committed, Relational Faculty

Our scholar-practitioner faculty members understand their role as both teachers and mentors and strive to help students grow as people and professionals. Our faculty is comprised of professionals who have real world experience. Our small classroom sizes allow our faculty to support our students in achieving their personal and career goals. With a commitment to scholarly learning and growth, our professors vulnerably share their journey in which they integrate their faith and life experiences with their profession.

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