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Logo Guide

All requests to use a Concordia University Irvine logo need to be submitted to [email protected].

In a fragmented market clamoring for attention at every turn, a high standard for logo consistency allows us to cut through the noise, speaking with one unified, clear voice. Staying within these guidelines will help keep our brand assets memorable, recognizable, and a true visual ambassador of our school’s standard of excellence.

Keep the logo exactly as it is.

Keep it fresh by not distorting, stretching, adapting, remaking, changing colors, changing placement, adding on, detracting from, “jazzing up,” or otherwise changing a thing.

misuses of the CUI logo depicted with the following edits. shadow, font change, colors changed, border, stretched, et cetera

To ensure the identity's strongest impact, do not modify or distort the logo. The uses shown below are all unacceptable treatments to the logo. Most questions about logo usage will be answered by reviewing the improper examples below.


Double-check it’s not pixelated.

Never use a logo that is pixelated, blurry, or that shows artifacting in the white space. Never pull a low-resolution image off the internet and use it in print, (See rule 3) and do a print check if necessary to ensure art edges are crisp, sharp, and keep our work looking professional.

Pixelated Comparison

Quality check those email signatures!

Only use downloads from here.

Back away slowly from that Google Image Search. You may only use the official brand assets that are available from this website. Never use a Concordia logo pulled from another website.

Professional design = Less logo, More unused space.

CUI logo with white space

The singularly most common crime against professional-looking design is clutter. The best brands give their logo more breathing room than you might expect. Always give at least the width of the logomark (the triangle graphic) between the logo and everything else.

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