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Customer Relationship Management

The Customer Relationship Management (CRM) team is part of the Marketing and Communications department with a focus on the Admissions departments across campus. The CRM platform is TargetX which runs on Salesforce, with the online application being a mix of an in-house online application, CommonApp, and PDF/paper applications. The CRM team is a resource for mass communication, application updates, reporting, and troubleshooting for prospective students throughout the admissions process.

Communications with the CRM Team

Please direct all questions, requests, and general comments to [email protected]. This will create a ticket with our help desk system and ensure your request will be handled as quickly as possible. Requests are prioritized by when they are submitted, and the severity of the issue. Please schedule your requests with as much advance notice as possible so that we can meet your desired deadlines. Please do not directly email a request to a member of the team unless specifically instructed to do so. Requests involving currently enrolled students, alumni, Banner, or the Banner bridge should be directed to the Information Technology Services department at [email protected].

Bulk Emails

When requesting a bulk email to non-enrolled students please provide the following:

  1. Population the email will be going to
  2. When the email should go out and if it is recurring (Date/Time)
  3. Subject Line
  4. Completed and finalized email copy
  5. Who the email should be coming from
  6. Email address where replies should go to


Various reporting tools are available. For real-time data such as inquiries counts by department, dashboards inside of TargetX are available. Lists of prospective students are also available upon request. Please list all fields (name/address/email/etc) needed when submitting a request.


If a department has a list of prospective students that they would like to import into TargetX, please send the list as a .CSV file. Bulk importing is much more efficient from a data integrity and time management standpoint rather than doing manual data entry.


Event administration is handled by the CRM and Events Management team from the standpoint of sending invitations, creating event signup forms, and roster management.


Training for new staff/faculty in relation to TargetX can be arranged by submitting a ticket with the requested training type and the best time and availability.

Login/Password Problems and Various Issues

Login and password issues should first be dealt with by doing a password reset on the login page for TargetX. For other issues please submit a ticket and include as much detail as possible.

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