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Volunteers 2023

Concordia is grateful for these dedicated volunteers who give of their time and talents to support the university and its mission.

Board of Regents

  • Chairman: Ronald R. Levesque, Retired Executive, Raytheon Company
  • Vice Chairman: Ryan P. Ermeling ’97, Founder of College Athletics Video Streaming Provider
  • Secretary: David J. Hemker, Ph.D., Senior VP/ Chief Technology Officer, Lam Research Corporation (Ret.)
  • Jeffrey Beavers '89, Ed.D. '23 Teacher/Executive Director, Crean Lutheran High School, Irvine, CA
  • Jason J. Bredeson, Pastor, Trinity Lutheran Church, Sacramento, CA
  • Neil Cowen, Senior Management in Biotech Industry
  • Matthew Flandermeyer, Business Owner
  • Michael E. Gibson, President, Pacific Southwest District, LCMS
  • Anthony Harnack, Wellington Foods Incorporated
  • Laura G. Hemminger, Director, Y4Life, Lutherans for Life
  • Scott Klemsz, Pastor, Our Savior Lutheran Church, Salinas, CA
  • Peter K.S. Lee, Retired Healthcare Finance Executive
  • Glenn Lucas, Senior Pastor, Abiding Savior Lutheran Church and School, Lake Forest, CA
  • Paula Meyer ’80, Attorney, President, Paula E. Meyer & Associates
  • Craig Olson, Retired CEO/CFO, International Bakery Supplier
  • Xavria Schwarz '96 Principal, Christ Lutheran Church and School, La Mesa, CA
  • Mary Scott, Chief Executive Office, Orange Lutheran High School
  • Cindy Steinbeck, M.A. '02 Business Owner, Author and Speaker
  • H.E. Durbin II '93, Ex Officio, CUI Trustee Chair, Executive, Thrivent Financial
  • Rachel Klitzing, MAEd '98, Advisory, Executive Director of School Ministries, Pacific Southwest District LCMS, Ex Officio
  • Dr. Michael Thomas, Ex Officio, CUI President
  • Michael Lange, Advisory, President, California-Nevada-Hawaii District, LCMS
  • James Maxwell '05, Advisory, President, Rocky Mountain District, LCMS

Board of Trustees

  • Chairman: H.E. Durbin II '93, Executive, Thrivent Financial
  • Vice Chairman: Chris Pond '04, Director of Sales Planning & Analytics, Allergan
  • Secretary: Cheryl M. Keithly, Business Owner, Keithly Williams Seeds
  • Treasurer: Paul A. Schroeder, Owner, Schroeder Management Company
  • Robert Bein, Chairman Emeritus, RBF Consulting
  • Paul Belden, Investment Executive, WLA Investments, Inc.
  • Ronn C. Cornelius, Managing Partner at Montauk TriGuard Funds
  • Garth K. Flint, Partner, Founder, Beacon Pointe Advisors
  • Ramsey Israwi, Executive, Thrivent Financial
  • Cathy Joeckel, Manager, Oil & Gas Entities
  • Sarah Johnson ’91, former educator
  • David Leichtfuss, President, Broadview Mortgage (ret.)
  • Leann Luchinger, M.A. '13, Communications Director (ret.), Christian author
  • Dianne Schautschick, Educator (Ret.)
  • E. Steven Sonnenberg, Business Owner, Sonn Associates
  • Donna Thiessen, Human Resources Consultant
  • James N. Vitale '92, Systems Manager, TGS Management Company
  • Pamela Frese Wade '82, M.A. '95, Business Executive, Pamela Wade Consulting
  • Pam Wheeler, Senior Vice President, Kimco Staffing Services, Inc. (Ret.)
  • Scott Esswein '15, CUI Alumni Association President, Ex Officio
  • Dr. Michael A. Thomas, CUI President, Ex Officio
  • Tim Jaeger, CUI Vice President for Advancement, Marketing and Communications, Ex Officio

Alumni Board of Directors

  • President:  Scot Esswein '15
  • Vice President:  James Morrison, MBA '17
  • Secretary: Rob Blaney '93
  • Sarah Anderson '15, MAOL '20 (Staff Representative)
  • Nicholas Ellersick '20
  • Emily Eltiste '11, MAOL '19
  • Nick Garl, '09
  • Daniel Jenkins '06
  • Kelley Lawson '04, MA '08
  • Mark Manning '90
  • Brian Moore, MBA '12
  • Chris Pond '04, MBA (Trustee Representative)
  • Raquel Porter '18
  • John Randall '94 (Faculty Representative)
  • Amanda Serocke '09, MED '14
  • Mark Siegert MA '94
  • Bryan Valentini '99
  • Alexis Wood '23 (ASCUI President)
  • Tamara Sauer '02, MAOL '18, Staff
  • Haley Marrujo '14, MBA '15, Staff

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