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The Name of the Lord

Lent 2019

The name of the Lord is a strong tower; the righteous man runs into it and is safe.

Proverbs 18:10

Do you know what your name means? What is significant about your name? What is important, during Lent, about the Lord’s name?

A strong tower was a central place in ancient cities where people could run to when facing danger and then find safety and protection. What do these buildings have in common? The Empire State Building, One World Trade Center, Sears Tower, the Chrysler Building. These buildings are known for their architecture, height, and beauty. They are important but they will not last forever, and they cannot save you from your sins.

The Lord is a strong tower in fearful and scary times. It is the name of the Lord that is our strong tower. It is the place of safety which God promises to those who run to Him. The name of the Lord is a Biblical expression for the whole character of God. The name of the Lord refers to God’s person and character. The Lord is our rock, our refuge, our fortress, our shepherd, our king, and our redeemer.

In the Bible the Lord has revealed to us that He is merciful, kind, and caring. The Lord’s name is above all names because His name is holy. The name of God is a place where righteous people find safety. Believers who call on God with faith are declared righteous and are protected from all enemies because they are safe in the strong spiritual tower of God. Let us run to Jesus our strong tower knowing that He is our refuge and strength. Let us run to Jesus with our concerns and troubles so that we find eternal comfort from His words of joy and strength.

David Bever
Retired Lutheran Teacher

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