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But Wait…There’s More

Lent 2018

Jesus said to him, “Feed my sheep…”

John 21:17

“But wait…there’s more!” That phrase has inspired millions to open up their browsers or pick up their phones to get a great deal. An extra set of steak knives for just the cost of shipping and handling or a second ab roller for no additional charge seem just too good to resist. No matter the offer, the result is often not as good as you expected.

Having denied Jesus three times, Peter might not have expected much of a deal at all. Perhaps he assumed that his sin was unforgivable or, even if it was forgiven, that the relationship would never be the same. Some believe Jesus questioned Peter three times to remind him of that sin. But the Law had already done its work, and Peter was in need of the Gospel. Jesus questioned Peter three times to assure him of his forgiveness. The phrase “Feed my sheep” may seem ambiguous to some, but Jesus utilized it to say, “But wait…there’s more!” “Feed my sheep” is not only the assurance that Peter was forgiven, but that Jesus still loved him and had a plan for him.

That may not be your experience in other relationships. All too often, it seems people forgive only to hold a grudge or end a relationship. But with Jesus, there’s so much more. He endured the cross not just to forgive you, but to prepare you to be with him for eternity. Jesus wants a relationship that never ends. He not only forgives our sins, he answers our prayers, meets our needs, guides our steps, and invites us to work in his kingdom. After a lifetime of all those blessings, He will say to you, “But wait…there’s more!”

Rev. Jim Henkell '94
CUI Board of Regents
St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, Pacific Beach, CA

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