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Laura Meredith

Visual Arts Alum

Laura Meredith

Laura Meredith
Production Supervisor at Double Negative, London, UK

Just like any child, I loved animation. I hoped that someday my interest in it would evolve into a career somehow— fortunately for me, it did. When I was a sophomore in college, I applied and was hired as an intern at Walt Disney Feature Animation Studios, where I worked in the artist training department. We did everything from putting on lectures with famous artists, and voice talent, as well as workshops in computer programs like Maya and Photoshop.

The following summer, I was hired as an intern at Sony Pictures Animation where I worked in the Visual Development Department. Vis Dev--as it is called, is where the whole look of a movie comes from. This is where the characters, locations, props and more are designed and painted. My job was to make sure that the artwork that was being created was archived (digitally and physically) into our databases. Once I graduated from Concordia in May 2007, I was hired as the Visual Development Production Assistant at Sony Pictures Animation. I work with artists all day and I am constantly inspired by the amazing things they do.

I moved on from the Art Department at Sony to work in a variety of films there such as Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, Arthur Christmas, and The Amazing Spiderman. I then found a new job at Walt Disney Feature Animation where I was fortunate enough to work on Frozen, Big Hero 6 and Moana. Helping our studio to win an Oscar for Frozen and Big Hero 6 has been one of my greatest accomplishments.

I now live in London working for Double Negative Feature Animation. I am so grateful that at Concordia, I gained a clear understanding of the elements and principles of art. Without these I would be totally lost. I can look at the artwork that is produced and knowledgeably take notes when the film’s directors ask for changes. I am required to use Adobe Photoshop daily. Luckily, I had already learned these skills in my graphic design classes at Concordia. The art education that I received at Concordia University Irvine has been crucial to my success thus far. I am so thankful that Concordia gave me the foundation I needed to pursue my dreams of working in animation and living abroad.

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