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Augustine Mallinson holding one of his projects

What do you hope to do with the skills you've gained at CUI after graduation?

I can't lie, I'm torn between academics and art. On one hand, I would be elated to continue my education in philosophy at the graduate level. On the other hand, I love making art and if I could build my own business using the skills I have learned here, that would feel immensely fulfilling. I would never give one passion up for the other entirely, and both will remain with me for the rest of my life. I know that, either way, the perspective on life that art has given me constantly finds its way into my research, and that history and philosophy have played a considerable role in shaping my art.
Augustine Mallinson standing next to a table with a variety of projects displayed

What is your favorite thing about CUI?

No matter where you go to school, the institution can only be as good as its professors. That is why I am incredibly thankful for Concordia. I don't want to name off every professor here that has made my time so worthwhile (and I fear that I may accidentally leave someone out who certainly belongs on such a list) but nonetheless, I believe that, at least as my artistic development is concerned, I owe a special thanks to Professor Hayes and Professor Soo, both for helping me develop my artistic abilities and for helping me share my work with others.
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