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Statement of Purpose

The School of Education prepares professional educators to demonstrate knowledge of theory and practice by making informed decisions leading to exemplary instruction for all learners.

Program Learning Outcomes

During this program of study, each candidate will:

  • Integrate Intentional Design (IID): Research and develop instructional content and pedagogy to apply learned skills to support and assess the attainment of learning outcomes for all students. (IL, SR)
  • Apply Disciplinary Competencies (ADC): Demonstrate analytical skills and knowledge necessary to develop and implement effective and ethically informed content and pedagogy. (CE, IL)
  • Model Ethical Leadership (MEL): Model servant leadership by supporting, collaborating and sharing expertise within a diverse professional community. (CE, EL, RP)
  • Exercise Informed Reflection (EIR): Implement a balanced approach to the analysis and development of the teaching and learning processes. (IL, RP)
  • Promote Active Learning (PAL): Identify effective strategies for lifelong learning in a global and digital world, including shaping a personal learning network to support continuous professional growth in curriculum and instruction. (EC, CE)

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