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Concordia University Irvine offers an in-depth, affordable online certificate for those looking to further their theology of worship education. Upon completion, students earn a Christ College – Concordia Irvine professional certificate and 12 continuing education units.

Offered over three 7-week modules, learning is attainable at 4 contact hours a week – even for those already in full-time ministry or bi-vocational work. Each week includes a live virtual session with an instructor, discussion boards, readings, and other interactive elements.

Cost Per Module: $500-800. Recommended Admission Requirements: High School Diploma, 3 years relevant experience.

Overview of 3 Modules Theology

Origins (begins the first full week of September). Explore the biblical foundation of worship, sacraments, singing, and God’s Word. Understand receiving and responding as the framework of worship and describe the relationship between the Christian life, the Christian future, and Christian worship.

Design (begins the first full week of January). Apply principles of storytelling to service design. Employ, balance, and relate the following components of service design: encounter, formation, expression, and evangelism. Analyze contemporary worship song lyrics and incorporate them into the meaningful flow of various models of worship planning.

Culture (begins the first full week of May). Articulate that which is essential to the Christian Church and does not change with cultural expression. Describe the ways culture has conditioned Christianity, and the inherent danger in drifting from the church’s essential culture. Understand the power of culture in the church and how to shape it.

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