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Who We Are

On the campus of Concordia University Irvine, CWL partners with the music and theology faculties to train and equip the next-generation of worship arts leaders and church musicians through the Director of Parish Music Minor. At the core of our work, however, is the commitment to support church leaders and songwriters currently serving in church contexts through initiatives like the Worship Arts Leader Initiative, The Songwriter Initiative, The Liturgy Initiative, the CWL Podcast Network, the Theology of Worship Certificate Program, and The Psalm Library. For more information see the "Initiatives" section below.

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Our Mission

The Center for Worship Leadership (CWL) exists to encourage leaders of worship with confessionally Lutheran, contextually artistic, and gospel-rooted resources and experiences.

The 3 Cores

We strongly believe that there are three core competencies of worship arts ministry that should be embraced, practiced, and nurtured. They are:

Worship Theology

1. Worship Theology

Ministry Leadership

2. Ministry Leadership

Practical Skills

3. Practical Skills


The strength of the Center for Worship Leadership is found in the collaboration and leadership of its many representatives and advocates - ranging from PhD’s to practitioners. There are many ways that we are connecting leaders of worship to sources of empowered learning, experiences of common support, and modes of professional inspiration. We hope you find something here that you can join us in and be encouraged by.

WALi Summit

The WALi Summit

Annually gathers leaders of worship, pastors, and musicians to a 3 day experience of plenary speakers, breakouts, worship, mutual support, and in-depth training.

Learn more about The WALi Summit

The Psalm Library

The Psalm Library

Bi-annually produces Psalm arrangements and settings for use in worship.

Learn more about The Psalm Library


Podcast Network

Podcast - hosts monthly conversations with leading thinkers in topics of theology and worship.

Listen to Our Podcast Network

Songwriter Initiative

The Songwriter Initiative

Supports songwriters in their calling to champion musical art and theological richness in their craft by providing monthly curated articles on songwriting, online webinars, professional gathering events and collective resources.

Learn more about the CWL Songwriter Initiative


The Liturgies Initiative

Collaborates to produce in-depth liturgy and service order templates that go alongside small group materials, sermon series, or seasons of the church year.

Learn more about CWL Liturgies

CWL Membership

Worship Planning  Suite

Worship Planning Suite is an interface that supports the weekly work of worship leaders and pastors. Featuring a song consideration archive, theological/cultural encyclopedia, tutorial videos for teams, a digital library, book reviews, and community interfacing, we are currently working on phase 1 of this project.

Contact Us

For more information about the Center for Worship Leadership feel free to reach out to us directly at [email protected].

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