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Celebrate Entrepreneurship: German Day at Concordia

Celebrate Entrepreneurship: German Day at Concordia

Organized by The League of Faithful Masks (LFM), Concordia University Irvine and the German-American Business Association of Southern California, this event will present high-powered presentations and discussions. Hear Stephan Hollmann, CEO of Pacific Aviation and Lease Management, explain the ancient educational roots of Germany’s success. Hear Michael Traub, CEO of the BSH Home Appliances Corp., talk about the amazing “global entrepreneur” Robert Bosch, who was born 150 years ago. Listen to attorney James Lowe’s theological definition of business as a divinely instituted order. Let Professor Nikolaus Hafermaas, a dean at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, explain to you why design is “good for the economy, good for people, good for the planet.” Then participate in the GABA-sponsored forum discussion of the 20th-century design principle that form follows function, a rule still valid today. Finally delight in rare symphonic enchantment: a concert by the award-winning 82-piece youth orchestra of the German state of Rhineland-Palatinate. Plan to come to Concordia University Irvine this October for an exciting day-long conference supported by the German Consulate-General and the Goethe Institute in Los Angeles.

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A convocation featuring 8-10 brief presentations by university leaders, educators, corporate executives, political leaders, and the German consul-general of Los Angeles. This plenary session also features short performances by Concordia University Irvine music students on a Blüthner grand piano donated to Concordia University Irvine by the Kasimoff-Blüthner company.

More extensive lectures, including:

  • presentations by business leaders,
  • a discussion forum organized by the German-American Business Association
  • an exhibition of German-American products on campus
  • a workshop on industrial design conducted by the Art Center College of Design, Pasadena

Concert by the Landesjugendorchester Rheinland-Pfalz (Rhineland-Palatinate Youth Orchestra).
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German Day Program Description 

For further information visit or contact the Office of the Provost, Concordia University Irvine at 949-214-3201 and [email protected]

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