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Latin America

Master of Arts in International Studies

After completing the core courses that provide a comprehensive grasp of the various aspects of international studies, you will participate in international field work coordinated and led by program faculty. As a continuation of your learning, the 3-week fieldwork and international travel experience provides a rich context for applying your academic knowledge, a social laboratory for conducting project observation and research, and a setting for establishing and deepening relationships with those residing in your chosen regional community.

Map of locations in Central and South America


  • Local Universities
  • Non government organizations
  • Non profit organizations


  • Guatemala
  • Colombia


  • Visits to cultural sites
  • Participatory service trips
  • Business observation and visits
  • NGO / NPO project participation

Areas of Focus

  • International Relations
  • International Business
  • International Development
  • Intra & Inter Continent migration
  • Global Politics

International field work trip details are subject to change.

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