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The following is an overview of the user account and password policy for the domain user accounts granted to faculty, staff, and students on Concordia University's network.
If you use any resources on the network including file shares, printers, or email, then the following policies apply to your user account and password.

User Account Policy:

  • User accounts are only granted for current staff, faculty, or student employees of the University.
  • User accounts are granted on a per-person basis. Accounts are NEVER to be shared with other users.
  • User accounts can only be created by IT Services after approval from the HR department.
  • All users must agree to abide by the Concordia Information Network Acceptable Use Policy.
  • If someone else needs access to resources used by another user they MUST contact the IT Department in order to get access. User account or password sharing is NEVER acceptable.

Password Policy:

  • Passwords are required for all user accounts on the network for security purposes.
  • Passwords expire every 120 days. A new password must be chosen when an old password expires.
  • Old passwords CAN NOT be re-used.
  • Passwords must be AT LEAST 10 characters long.
  • Passwords must meet contain AT LEAST 3 of the 4 following items:
  • Uppercase characters

  • Lowercase characters

  • Numbers

  • Special characters

(such as ABC)

(such as abc) 

(such as 123)

(such as  @*#)

  • Passwords should NEVER be written down or posted in public locations.
  • If IT Services finds public password posting, the posting will be removed, and the account may be locked for security purposes.

User Account Management Assistance:

For assistance with your user account, the following options are available:

  • Self-service password management on the web is available by going to MyAccount
  • Help Request forms are available on the IT Services website
  • Email IT Services at [email protected]
  • Call IT Services at 949.214.3175 (or just extension 3175 from on-campus)
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