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IT Services has a variety of training resources available for Students, Staff, and Faculty for the majority of the systems and resources that we offer.

In the sections below are links to the resources for each of these items. If you do not see materials for items you need assistance with or would like to request additional materials, please feel free to contact us. Email [email protected], call (949) 214-3175, or visit our offices in Admin Suite 220.

Canvas Support Resources

Student Resources for Canvas:

Faculty Resources for Canvas:

Gmail Help and Support Resources

Eagles Gmail "Google" Resources:

Internet Native Banner Help and Support Resources

These are resources for Faculty and Staff INB users. For students, please visit the "Help" option in MyRecords

  • Banner Documentation: Click the "Banner Documentation" link on the lower right side of the navigation bar in INB, or:
    Open the "Run" command from your on-campus computer and go to \\\banner\bdoc\
  • Banner Workbooks can be found in the bdoc folder above, as well as in the Blackboard Shell for Faculty and Staff
  • If you need access to these resources, contact IT Services by emailing [email protected]

Self-Service Password Management Website Resources

Application and Operating System Support Resources

Employee "How-to" Guides

  • Atomic Learning (Search for Windows training once logged in)
  • All employee How-To guides are now located in the Blackboard Employee portal.
  • Contact Human Resources if you do not see the Employee Portal Course when you log into Blackboard.

Printing Resources

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