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Concordia provides students with access to computer labs, computer networks, the internet, and telephones as a privilege—illegal behavior and/or violations of University policy may result in a loss of this privilege. It is the University’s intention that these services be utilized first for academic pursuits. Students may utilize these services for personal or recreational purposes so long as these activities do not interfere with other students’ academic pursuits. Students are not allowed to use campus technology for business purposes as outlined in the Sales and Solicitation section of this handbook.  It is reasonable to assume that some students may use campus technology in ways that are illegal or that violate provisions of the student conduct code. Such behaviors are prohibited and should be reported to the Dean of Students immediately. Whereas an exhaustive list of such behaviors would be impossible to generate, the following are specific examples of prohibited behavior.

  1. Connecting any device (e.g. a wireless router) other than a personal computer to a University data network port
  2. Unauthorized entry into a file to use, read, or change its contents
  3. Unauthorized transfer, copy, and/or downloading of files (including use of peer-to peer file sharing programs to download copyrighted materials)
  4. Unauthorized use on another individual’s identification and/or passwords
  5. Use of technology to send or receive obscene, abusive, or pornographic content
  6. Use of technology to harass any person or persons
  7. Use of computer facilities to interfere with normal operation of the University computer system
  8. Manipulation of the University telephone system that results in telephone bills being assigned to another individual or the University.

Please note that it is the student’s responsibility to protect their own property. The University will not be held liable for damage or loss of privacy due to computer hacking, viruses and/or worms, or other forms of electronic invasion.

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