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Thank you for visiting the IT Services page. Let us take the opportunity to introduce you to our department and what we do.

What does IT services do for you?

IT Services at Concordia University is responsible for managing, maintaining, and assisting with a wide range of systems and services on campus. We also manage user accounts and passwords for most of these services. This includes all of the following:

 Internet Connectivity  MyRecords   Computer Lab Computers (Mac/PC) 
 Wireless Internet  Eagles Gmail   Classroom Instructor Computers
 Blackboard  Staff/Faculty Email   Staff/Faculty Computers
 Self-Service Password Tool   Library Database Access   Phone System

Meet the IT Services Staff

Here are the staff members that make up your IT Services Department. You can also contact any of us through the IT Services Help Desk by calling 949-214-3175 or emailing [email protected]

Staff Member  Position Phone Email
Jim Chang Systems Administrator 949-214-3168 [email protected]
Emil Cheng Senior Data Analyst 949-214-3174 [email protected]
Ryan Jones Director of Data Integration Services 949-214-3171 [email protected]
David Ko Client Services Manager 949-214-3162 [email protected]
Jeremiah Lauber Multimedia Specialist II 949-214-3334 [email protected]
Samuel Maggs Junior Systems Engineer 949-214-3175 [email protected]
Aaron Moreno Senior Systems Engineer 949-214-3172 [email protected]
Grant Mulder Systems Administrator 949-214-3170 [email protected]
Dr. Jason Neben Associate Vice President, Data and Technology 949-214-3349 [email protected]
Kevin Pla Data Analyst 949-214-3332 [email protected]
Daniel Placencia Client Services Supervisor 949-214-3166 [email protected]
Joel Stichler Integrations Specialist 949-214-3160 [email protected]
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