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Dec 25

Christmas Day

Come and See

Advent 2021

Today, God’s plan comes into focus.

Throughout the season of Advent, we have pondered our need to focus. We stopped, listened, prepared, and hoped.

But, in the end, nothing we do can fully bring the focus that we need. That can only come from our Lord himself.

Today, in Bethlehem, the focus of our hope and the one for whom we have prepared has come to us. While our focus may waver, God has always kept his gracious focus on you. Come and see. Today, he draws our attention and focus to a manger in Bethlehem where once lay the only begotten Son of God, incarnate as an infant for you.

Immanuel. God is with us.

Come to Bethlehem and see. Focus and see your God. Come and see the one born for you. The one who lived for you, who sacrificed himself for you, who died and rose for you. Come see the one who has redeemed you and made you his own. Come see the glory of God. Come see the love of God for you.

Christ your Savior is born!

Merry Christmas.


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