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Center for Global Business

The purpose of the Center is to better prepare our students undergraduate and MBA students for the 21st century global workforce. Students need to be more internationally-aware and cross-culturally adept. We need a new generation of leaders who can reach across borders with a global perspective, students with a base of skills and experiences including first-hand exposure to other countries and cultures. We aspire to help our students establish and deepen relationships around the globe, enabling students to understand and navigate the rich tapestry of global values, cultures and business practices. The Center’s programs will assist in educating and preparing tomorrow’s global business leaders: changing lives, connecting countries and forging a shared future of global commerce around the world.

In addition, the Center is developing relationships with a variety of universities across the globe as well as connecting with global businesses located here in Orange County, CA. Half of our MBA students originate from other regions of the globe; however, half of those students are resident in Orange County. International students bring a diverse set of skills, perspectives and opportunities out of which to develop value in the broadest sense. We will expand our business relationships regionally by connecting our students with local global businesses, as well as through international summer internships, study abroad, international exchanges at the student and faculty level, joint degree programs and travel tours.

The Center will address the full range of global business opportunities in all countries, with an initial focus on the emerging Association of Southwest Asian Nations (ASEAN) and opportunities presented there for value creation. Efforts will also address other global opportunities including but not limited to Mexico, Canada, Central and South America, the Middle East, Africa and Europe.

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