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Collaborate/Blackboard/Online Teaching Webinars

These are designed to bring an instructor who only teaches face-to-face classes up to speed for teaching their classes in an online environment.

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  • March 12: 3-4 PM
  • March 12: 4-5 PM
  • March 13: 3:30-4:30 PM
  • March 14: 10-11 AM
  • March 16: 11 AM - Noon
  • March 16: 2:30-3:30 PM
  • March 17: 9-10 AM
  • March 17: Noon-1PM
  • March 17: 7-8 PM
  • March 18: 9-10 AM
  • March 18: Noon-1 PM
  • March 18: 8-9 PM
  • March 19: 11 AM - Noon
  • March 19: 1:30-2:30 PM
  • March 20: 9-10 AM
  • March 20: 2:30-3:30 PM

    Face-to-Face Training

    August 8, 2019
    Faculty Training and Development teamed up with Research and Development Day (RAD) to provide faculty with the following workshops:

    • Adding Creativity in Assessment
    • Christ in the Curriculum
    • Critically Answering Questions: How to Teach and Assess Critical Thinking
    • Developing Effective Assignments: How to Avoid Writing Assignments that Confuse, Frustrate, and Lead Students to the Depths of Despair.
    • Engaging Students in the "Online" Classroom
    • Integrating Culturally Responsive Pedagogical Practices in Your Instruction
    • Maximizing Yourself for Your Students: Why and How to Produce Short Media Pieces for your Courses - View Recording
    • Sum of all Fears: Fear(S) of Some [Public Speaking]
    • Trends, Tools and Tips in Working with Students and Their Emotions in a Changing World - View Recording
    • What's New with Blackboard Learn and Collaborate Ultra - View Recording

    Our opening Fall 2018 workshop was held Wednesday, August 1. View the recording»

    We were pleased to welcome Dr. Bonni Stachowiak, who is an adjunct for us in the Ed.D. program, a professor at Vanguard, and a prolific podcaster. The following was the topic of our discussion:

    It can be challenging to engage learners. There are plentiful opportunities for distraction. Today’s students are juggling multiple priorities and come from such diverse contexts and cultures. It can also be difficult to make our class content meaningful and relevant for our students.

    In this session, we will explore how to heighten the likelihood that students will engage in their learning in our classes. We will determine:

    • Where we have the greatest leverage
    • How and why to bring the element of surprise into our teaching
    • Methods to use technology to engage
    • When and how to put the tech away and go analog
    • Bring a smartphone or a tablet to this session to take on a learner’s perspective when using educational technology.

    Recordings Provided by Blackboard Consultants

    Blackboard Collaborate (online synchronous meeting tool)
    You can join the trainings listed on this page by using the following link while in Google Chrome or Firefox:

    Open Lab - come in and ask anything about educational technology or meet online using the Collaborate link listed above.

    • Call (949-214-3358), email, or stop by (Admin 220F) to check for availability.

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