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Getting Started

First-Time Applicants

Institutional Review Board

First Steps

All researchers (and their supervisors) must complete CITI HSR Training or have a valid CITI HSR Certificate whose expiration date is no less than the closing date of the research project. The estimated time to complete the training is 4-5 hours. This training is a federal requirement and will prepare you for the IRB process and human subjects research.

Human Subjects Research (HSR)

Your first step is to determine whether or not you are conducting Human Subjects Research. If you are not conducting Human Subjects Research, IRB does not have jurisdiction over your research – please contact your supervisor for next steps. If your study involves Human Subjects Research, you will need to determine if your study is EXEMPT.

Research Preparation

  1. Write Research Questions
  2. Review the Literature in your field/topic
  3. Design Research Methodology
  4. Get Supervisor Approval

Research Approval (IRB)

  1. Complete CITI Training (or hold valid CITI HSR Certificate)
  2. Review IRB Website & Policies
  3. Review & Complete Checklist
  4. Submit IRB Application with Required Docs & Signatures
  5. Reply to Receipt Email to confirm that you received it
  6. Wait for IRB Review
  7. (If revision is required) Revise and resubmit IRB Application

Research Execution

  1. With IRB Approval, conduct human subjects research
  2. Update IRB with forms for modifications, continuing review, or adverse events
  3. When project is completed, submit Project Completion Form

Available Forms for Download

  1. Site Authorization (pdf)
  2. Information Consent (Signature)(pdf) or Informed Consent (Online)(pdf)
  3. Parental Information Consent (pdf)
  4. Photography, Video, and Audio Informed Consent (pdf)
  5. Legacy IRB Forms (zip)
  6. Applicant & Supervisor IRB Checklist (pdf)

Sample Informed Consent Forms

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