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Applicants must meet the eligibility requirements established by Concordia University.

Meeting the basic eligibility requirements for a semester or year abroad does not guarantee admission to a study abroad program.

  1. Students participating in the study abroad program must be in good academic status and not on academic probation and must have attained a sophomore, junior or senior status. Transfer students must be here at least one semester before studying abroad. Seniors need to apply to graduate before they leave and have the Registrar’s permission to participate in the exchange program.
  2. Students must choose courses abroad that can be used to fulfill program, major, minor, or elective requirements and should be aware that participating in a study abroad program may delay the completion of their course of study at Concordia University Irvine.
  3. Only two semesters of exchange units can be used to earn credits for graduation. Exchange programs are generally not approved for the final semester of a student’s senior year.
  4. It is the student’s responsibility to obtain the necessary documents required to travel abroad; a student visa or passport. 
  5. Prior to the awarding of financial aid, students must have completed the study abroad application and received approval to study abroad from the Moon International Center.
  6. Students who have their applications to study abroad approved will be assessed a $200 study abroad fee for Concordia University Irvine-sponsored programs and a $500 study abroad fee for Third Party Programs.
  7. Students may use state, federal, and Concordia financial aid to fund Concordia Sponsored study abroad programs. Students are able to study abroad through other programs and federal and state financial aid is allowed to fund study abroad, but not institutional aid.
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